Dentist Charged After Pulling Patient’s Tooth on a Hoverboard

Back in January, Seth Lockhart was found guilty on 46 charges against him. The charges included Medicaid Fraud, reckless endangerment, and “unlawful dental acts.” Oh, and tooth extractions at will.

“Perhaps most notable of all is the fact that this overwhelming amount of evidence was often supported, and often in excruciating detail, by Dr. Lockhart’s own texts, photos and videos,” Anchorage Superior Court Judge Michael Wolverton said of the verdict.

Bills over $200 million for intravenous sedation without proper justification were charged by both him and his former office manager, Shauna Cranford. Last year, Cranford took a consolidated plea agreement on 40 charges.

The trial began November 12th 2019 and Lockhart’s defense attorney apologized for his client’s behavior. He said that Lockhart felt remorse for his actions. However, the defense attorney, Paul Stockler, did argue that the dentist and his manager did not in fact falsify all of the Medicaid claimed that they were accused of falsifying.

Now, months later, he has been officially sentenced to 12 years after his hoverboard tooth extraction. The sentence was handed down Monday.

Seth Lockhart was in Anchorage Superior Court facing dozens of charges from his scooting while working to the insurance fraud and removing teeth without patient’s permission. Back in January, Lockhart was convicted of reckless endangerment, illegally practicing dentistry and medical assistance fraud.

“In reviewing all this over and over again, I have this visceral response — you darn near killed some people,” Wolverton commented of the verdict.

Veronica Wilhelm gave the court her testimony. This former patient was sedated when Lockhart performed the tooth extraction via hoverboard in July 2016. He even had the gal to throw his hands up in the air, on video, while riding away from the procedure on his board.

He allegedly texted a video of the stunt to at least eight people, joking that it was a “new standard of care.”

Lockhart lost his dental license in 2017 and was also ordered not to practice medicine during his 10-year probation once released. Each tooth, all the teeth, and mouths, are now safe from Lockhart. Yike.