Clearing Your Chakras While Working From Home

Working from home isn’t something that every person thrives in. Though there are numerous benefits to working from home, we feel like we just can’t concentrate or procrastinate too much. We’re always looking outside our window or looking at our phone, raiding our fridge for a snack, or just binge watching movies.

If you’re a practicing yoga, you’ve probably heard about chakras and how it can be blocked due to our physical, spiritual, and mental state. In this article, we look into dealing with chakra blockages and bringing back the energy and zest we feel in life to manage our daily habits and flow better.



Be One with Nature

The fundamental objective as to establishing your connection with the Root Chakra, and in such manner, reconnecting with nature and earth is beneficial.

By investing your time surrounded by nature, particularly close to trees and the earth, you’ll find this experience extremely valuable in clearing your mind and chakra. Be as near to nature as you could be under the circumstances, so sitting up against trees or strolling bare feet on the grass is the thing you ought to endeavor to do.

Similarly, planting or other gardening and landscaping activities requiring you to get your hands holding soil is a great way to get in touch with nature. For simple tasks such as weeding or even potting, don’t be afraid of getting your hands dirty with soil. Don’t be scared of exploring. This won’t only help your garden look great, but it will also clear any blockages.


Do Physical Work

Again, the objective here is to get yourself connected with the earth, and apart from being with nature, you can also start doing physical labor. The goal here is to do something different from what you’re already doing. If you feel your experience with yoga is stunted, then you can do laborious tasks that get you sweaty. Physical work will help, so try things like painting and carpentry, building things, or even cleaning up your house.


Do Physical Exercise

Exercise, as we know it, has plenty of benefits. It makes your body more centered and oriented just like doing physical labor, and it also helps you fight anxiety that you may be feeling due to the uncertainty of how things are going around you, your life, career, etc. The more you exercise, and this includes doing yoga, you’ll feel more confident about your health and body and your body’s alignment. This also means you’re less stressed and fearful about the changes happening to your body.


Eat Full Meals

Part of clearing out any blockages is also having a good routine of eating. A regular and healthy diet is also key to a sound mind, heart, and body. Sometimes, it helps to eat bigger meals to deal with snacking at unnecessary times. The goal here is to make your body more grounded to absorb any energy that rises, and it’s also to keep you connected to the earth and your life. Food is a strong connection to enable this.


Get Enough Sleep

If you feel like your chakras are all out of balance, one way is to clean up your sleeping habits. Are you always on your phone in bed? Do you always toss and turn in your sleep? If you find yourself suddenly waking up in the middle of the night or disturbed in your sleep by the slightest sound, your sleeping patterns may be blocking your chakra. Switch off electronics 15 minutes before bedtime, meditate while lying down in your bed, and even take a few drops of CBD oil by placing a few drops under your tongue. CBD oil can help promote healthy sleep and reduce stress and frustration. If you’re looking for a good quality CBD oil, click here to purchase one for yourself.


Take a Break From Your Spiritual Practice

Yes, it’s true- taking a break from anything you’re overdoing is beneficial in the long run. The objective here is to not overstimulate your energy, so it’s important to take a break from your spiritual practice until you feel better to handle the energy within you and the situation around you. This is a personal decision to make, so if you feel the blockage, this would mean that your practice is out of balance and needs to be reevaluated. Too much of mantra of chakra meditation and not enough of physical yoga can throw you off balance and intrude on your spiritual activities. It’s best to stop. Take a step back, as this will greatly benefit your practice and energy in the long run.


Rest and Relaxation

Resting and relaxation give our body and mind space and time it needs to absorb what we’ve done and learned, and heal. Overload of information or knowledge or exercise merely pulls us back, instead of getting us forward. Sometimes, a little bit of relaxation gives the energy in your body a chance to do what it needs to do. Trust yourself and allow your body to take charge of cleansing and purifying itself.

Being relaxed is key to balancing your chakras because if you’re stressed or anxious or worried, it only makes your blockages worse. It may seem counterproductive to take a break, especially if you’re at home, but we may be doing too much in the effort to be productive that we rarely give ourselves the time and space for proper relaxation.



At the end of the day, opening up your chakras is an extremely personal journey, and your experiences with the energy will be different from the next person. Listening to your own body is key because it allows you to hear your heart’s needs.

It’s a trial and error journey to go through the various ways to control energy within your body. Also, always look for help if you feel that these activities don’t help. Often times, speaking to someone, a guru or a yogi with more experience, will help you find something that works for you.

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