Christmas Tree Infestation Takes Over Woman’s House

Christmas is a time of cheer, lights, Christmas trees, and all the decor you want. And who doesn’t want a real Christmas tree? They’re just the best! But sometimes, they’re the worst.

A Virgnia woman, Molly Kreuze, had more than 100 praying mantises infest her home after hatching in an egg case that was hidden in her Christmas tree. “Crawling on the walls, crawling on the ceilings. Just kind of moving,” Kreuze griped.

The mantises may even be in her bedroom now, but she doesn’t want to consider that. “I don’t want to think about that. It’s possible, but I don’t want to know.”

Although some people say to vacuum the bugs up, Kreuze is avoiding that and instead scooping them up in an envelope and storing them in a shoe box. Um, what?

Not only is she storing them alive, she is feeding them, and keeping them alive. She feeds the mantises fruit flies until she can find them a new home.

“In my googling, I discovered people really like praying mantises. They are useful, they eat other bugs, people use them for organic gardening.”

Wow, what a saint! This lady gets her house infested by bugs all because of the Christmas spirit, and then she saves them and finds them a new home.

However, the infestation has convinced her to use an artificial tree next Christmas. Good choice, Molly. Good Choice.