Could A Bluetooth Compass Implant Provide A Sixth Sense?

  • One would think becoming a cyborg would look... cooler.

A new sixth sense? The Chief Executive of tech company Cyborgnest, Liviu Babitz, 38, claims to have developed a ‘new human sense’. The London-based company has designed a ‘North Sense‘ , a Bluetooth compass implant. The implant is one-inch long, water resistant is attached to the skin by titanium piercing. The device vibrates when the wearer faces north.

Babitz claims the device ‘unlocks the power of the human brain by created new neural pathways’ and provides extrasensory information. Claiming it could potentially help blind people navigate their surrounds, Babtiz hopes his device could allow people to have a different experience of the world, more naturally, instead of relying on mobile devices.

The device doesn’t have tracking abilities and is unable to store data. So users don’t have to worry about surveillance. Considered “biohacking”, devices like this face different regulations throughout the work, with the US and the UK having little to no restrictions on “do-it-yourself” projects like this one.

But many aren’t sold on the device. Some claim any smartphone could do the same thing, that multiple piercings, the risk of infection and maintenance or upkeep of the device would be too much hassle for too little reward.

While biohacking can be an interesting prospect and is the focus on many fictional settings, the most notable being Cyberpunk stories, it’s unlikely that Mr. Babitz’s Bluetooth compass implant will take off and be the new ‘it’ thing that brings biohacking into the mainstream. Though if piercings are the biggest concern, biohacking could see its first shift in popularity among piercing enthusiasts; adding function as well as style to piercings throughout the body.

Keep at it, Mr. Babitz. You could be on to something. People laugh now, but future generations could be wearing future iterations of your device for navigation and much more. If one could expand the device to be programmable, vibrating when the wearer reaches a certain location or travels a certain distance, the device becomes more viable.

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