As Americans We Are One Of A Kind: Part One

We think we’re awesome, that we come from the land of the free and the brave, that we’re from the most powerful country in the world; we are Americans. You can always spot an American, and here’s how.

Baseball Caps

Baseball has been an American past time since the 1900s, and even these days we’re “ready for a game at a moments notice,” hence the baseball cap.  The thing is, a baseball cap has become iconic as American headwear goes. It’s like Mexicans and their sombreros, France’s beret, and Morocco’s fez. Baseball caps take on any interest you’ve got, whether it’s clothing brands, phrases, or pictures and illustrations that you like. Kids, adults, and even some wear baseball caps because you know, Americans can be wacky. 

Ice Cold

We aren’t talking personalities or characteristics, but straight beverages. When it comes to almost any drink other than hot tea, coffee, and select other drinks, Americans like cold drinks. Ice cold to be specific. From lemonade to soda, drinks of all kinds are served with a full glass of ice. This is not so abroad and Americans are often stumped when they are served almost room temperature drinks with no ice in sight. But drinks usually don’t last long enough for all that ice anyways.


Yes, we like to have a good time, we are party lovers, sometimes too much so. We like to drink if we are happy, sad, celebrating, really any reason is good. With the drinking age at 21, it’s much much older than most other countries as well, which kind of explains the binging we traditionally do when we become of age. 

On the Go, Everything

We’re too busy, we’re always doing too much. We talk and walk, eat and drive, work and sleep. Wait what? Okay, well we would if we could. In Europe, coffee is enjoyed after you wake up, sipped in a cafe or enjoyed alongside a muffin, never taken on the go. America is a place to do, do, do and go, go, go. Other countries like life, adventuring, relaxing, and taking it all in. 

Prude to be Nude

Other countries have nude beaches, communal showers and uncensored tv, so nudity is the norm to them. When westerners see it, often time on full display, they blush. They aren’t used to to it and are shocked to see it displayed so nonchalantly. 

The Metric System

It’s not that we don’t know what the metric system is, we just don’t use it. We’re one of only three countries that doesn’t use the metric system, outside of Lyberia and Berma. Americans use inches, feet, miles, and gallons. We also use Fahrenheit, rather than Celcius. Other countries don’t really understand that in us, but I guess we don’t understand that in them, either.


The thing is that blows other people’s minds about Americans who travel is their eating habits. Why pay money for transportation, lodging, and travel, just to eat at a damn McDonalds. Why? The familiarity of a restaurant that’s the same at home and in another country does give comfort. The cool thing is some stores have regional foods they sell so they appeal would be there to try something new. But other countries shake their heads at us for this one, and I get it.


Americans tend to be overweight, and our obesity rate says it all, at about 32% for men and 35% for women. A staggering 66% of Americans are either overweight or obese, a statistic that’s just 37% for the rest of the world. Obviously not every fat person abroad is an American, but the cliché is there for a reason.


As an avid traveler, I have heard it said before that Americans stick out because we wear shorts. It doesn’t matter how hot it is, people outside of the US don’t really wear shorts. They are seen as lazy wear, or for tourists. (i.e. Americans) Around the world, it’s more socially acceptable and makes you look more put together if you don’t wear shorts. Slacks, a dress, even jeans are all chic and won’t make you stick out like an American in shorts does. 

White Teeth

Americans are vain, and depending on where you live, status, what you have, what you look like, and “who” you are is “everything.” We wear braces to make sure that our teeth are straight and we go to the dentist to make sure they are clean and cavity-free. We care about mouth health. But we also care about white teeth. We have so many products out there we use to make our teeth whiter like whitening paste, strips, teeth whitening kits, and you can even have it done at the dentist in several sessions until the look you want is achieved. 

What do you think makes us look the most American? There’s a part two coming out and there’s lots of good stuff in there, too.