5 Terrifying Sleepwalking Stories

Sleepwalking can happen to anyone, thanks to the availability of Ambien for those with insomnia. It can also happen because of a condition that 3.6% of the population has. Common incidents might involve talking, walking around, preparing and eating food.

However, sometimes even people who’ve lived with insomnia their whole lives have experiences that make them afraid to fall asleep. Any of the following might have you handcuffing yourself to the bed before lights out at night.

See Ya Later, Alligator

Septuagenarian James Currens experienced a bout of sleepwalking that led him out of his house in the middle of the night and straight into a pond. He awoke chest deep in water to discover his feet stuck in the mud. Moments later in his struggle to free himself, he noticed the alligators. Some of the reptiles were over three-feet long, and curious about Currens. Luckily, he brought his walking cane with him. With only the cane to defend himself, he pushed the alligators back while yelling for help. A neighbor spotted him, called 911 and police rescued him with only minor cuts and bruises. source

Making Friends

A Reddit contributor, mrcoldplay, posted about his story. He made it outside of his apartment while asleep and invited in a complete stranger. The next day when he woke up he noticed that both his wallet and laptop were missing. While it was the first time he’d wandered outside, he says that almost everyone in the neighborhood already knew he was a sleepwalker. It was a neighbor who witnessed the exchange that connected the dots for him. “Almost had a heart attack when my neighbor said: “I thought she was your friend.”  source