5 of the Craziest Stories on the Internet

If you count Reddit among your daily must-read publications, then you’re familiar with the AITA thread. There, people who think they’re behaving properly but aren’t getting positive feedback ask for perspective from the most objective people in the world—the internet. And boy, does the internet deliver timely judgments, decreeing through a popular vote if the Original Poster is the asshole in the situation or not. The stories get crazy; here are five of the most popular threads from the subreddit.

5 of the Craziest Stories on the internet 

His Girlfriend Scrapped a 1974 Impala

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

People act foolishly in relationships, but this girlfriend sounds like an exceptional person. The OP had a 2.5 car garage, in which he was restoring a 1974 Impala. His girlfriend moved in during a “crisis” and wanted to park her car in the garage. OP leaves for a few days, and the girlfriend hires a junk company to clear out the garage, scrapping the entire project. 


The OP breaks up with the girl, files a police report, and downloads security footage from his garage. The detectives find the junkyard and the car. So, a true love story, man and Impala are reunited, no word on what ended up happening to the girlfriend. 

Post from a Dead Woman

Death is a weird phenomenon on the internet, and frequently on Reddit, someone will step in to post the last words of another user. Here, a young woman was dying from cystic fibrosis. She posted on AITA because her Southern Baptist parents were obsessing about her funeral–they take her casket shopping, for example. She wants to know if she’d be the asshole for planning her own funeral. 


It’s a happy ending in a somber story. The OP talks to her parents, and her husband posts her final words, letting Reddit know she was delighted with the final decisions. It’s a reminder of how ephemeral life can be, and to be honest with your loved ones. 

Man Shares His Fortune with His Ex

The OP’s marriage ended because he had an affair with someone who became his girlfriend post-divorce. Six years later, he wins millions. Everyone in this story, except the girlfriend, seem like such sweet people. His ex-wife made the divorce as painless as possible, committed to joint custody, and they’re both active co-parents for their kids. 


He decides that he wants to give her some money he won. She didn’t ask for anything, but suggested he take their kids on a round-the-world vacation. He tells his girlfriend his plans, and she freaks out and threatens to leave him, which the OP says fills him with relief. Internet judgment? NTA. 

Milk Incriminates Thieving Roommate

Living with roommates is stressful, even under the best circumstances. The OP suspected his lactose intolerant roommate was stealing his groceries, including the almond milk he bought weekly. He confronted him a few times, and the roommate always reacted with fury at being accused, as guilty people are wont to do. In a perfect vengeance scheme, the OP replaced the remaining almond milk with dairy milk.


Fast forward to his roommate being furious because he was stuck in the bathroom all day, admitting he was stealing the milk. While food allergies aren’t something to mess around with, lactose intolerance isn’t life-threatening, just very inconvenient. 

A Guy Jumps Out a Window to Avoid his Ex

Photo by Samuel Ryde on Unsplash

The OP found out a month before his wedding to his girlfriend of four years that she’d been cheating on him. So he calls off the wedding, breaks off the relationship, and tries to move on with his life. But he doesn’t tell anyone why the relationship ended because he feels so emasculated. 


OP’s friends and family are working hard to get him back together with his ex. Their efforts culminate with his mom secretly inviting her to their family Christmas Eve dinner. Rather than talk to his ex, the OP breaks out of the bathroom window and leaves. His family cuts off ties with him, but the internet agrees; he’s NTA in the situation.