5 Epic Reasons Why Becoming a Senior Isn’t That Bad

Many people dread getting old, but seriously it is not as bad as it may seem. Growing old is an inevitable part of life and it always will be. In fact, you will spend most of your life as a senior citizen, so why not just embrace the epic lifestyle?

Retire (Hurrah!)

No more twelve-hour shifts, no more overtime, no more early starts, you wait all your life for this moment – enjoy it! A recent study by the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) which analyzed the way retirees spend their time, found that almost ten hours of their spare time each week is dedicated to leisure activities such as reading and travelling, which is equivalent to going on a day trip once a week.

Sounds awesome!

When you get over the age of 55, it is also a good time to consider your future on a broader scale. Many people move to assisting living facilities to enhance their lifestyle. As there are over 20 thousand senior based communities to choose from in the United States alone, you can see why they are a popular option once people retire.

Lie in as Much as You Want

One of the most beautiful things about retirement is having less responsibility on your shoulders. It is weird how you can go from being panicked if you oversleep and miss the bus for work one day, and sleep into oblivion the next, without any harm done just because you are retired.

One thing you will not miss out on when you get old, is a good night’s sleep!

More Time to Binge Watch Netflix

Everybody loves TV, and retirees are more likely to make the most of their time watching their favorite shows, according to a study by BLS. You will not have to feel guilty when you decide to watch another episode of a series, because you will have the time to.

You are Wiser

Having experienced more than half of your life, you are going to be much wiser than when you were 20, due to your vast life experience since then.

According to Psychologist Samuel Lawrence, brain scans show that older people make better decisions due to the way their brain works. When old people use their pre-frontal cortex (the front of their brain) it employs rational thinking, whereas younger adults use just half of their brain to solve problems (one hemisphere) and are therefore not prone to making such reasoned decisions.

Complete Freedom

When you retire, you are under no obligation to live your life in a particular way, as long as you remain a law-abiding citizen. You can use your time in any way you wish to, whether that is spending more time with your family, or migrating to your favorite holiday destination to soak up the sun, what you do with your life when you retire is completely up to you.

See, you do not need to fear growing old. View becoming a senior as your reward for your life’s work and most importantly, enjoy the epic lifestyle.