5 DIY Disasters to Avoid

  • When to DIY, and when not to DIY? That is the (eternal) question...

Every year, millions of Americans undertake some DIY in the home, some more successfully than others.  Whether it is for the glory, the satisfaction of a job well done, or the money you could save, many of these jobs are done well.  However, put the wrong tools in the wrong hands and DIY is just an accident waiting to happen.  Here are some of the top DIY disasters to avoid.

Power Tools

Power tools can be lethal in the wrong hands. Many people hire tools rather than buy them because they don’t use them enough to go to the expense of a purchase.  However, this means that they are inexperienced.  A gung-ho attitude with a power tool can lead to a serious accident or even a fatality.  To avoid a trip to the Emergency Room, make sure you read the manual thoroughly and you know exactly what you are doing before you turn it on. You should also wear protective clothing and take your time over the job.


It is said to be unlucky to walk under a ladder but carrying out DIY with one can be just as bad.  They can be very precarious and if you are climbing one with anything in your hands, it is easily dropped onto the person holding it for you. The type of ladder you are likely to have at home won’t be long enough to carry out big jobs, so rather than overstretch you will need to borrow, buy, or hire one.  The trick here is to get the best one you can afford as it is likely to be sturdier and there is less risk of an accident.

Burst Pipes

This is the top reason for people to make a home insurance claim.  Burst pipes can make a lot of mess on their own and they need experts such as Maplewood Plumbing to fix them rather than an amateur.  Leave plumbing work alone or you could be swimming around your home for months.


Thousands of Americans end up in the Emergency Room every year because they have had DIY accidents with saws.  The classic trick is sawing off the bit of wood you were leaning on.  However, slippages are also a hazard that can get gory.  Make sure your blade is sharp enough, as it will be harder to carry out the job if it is blunt.  It is best to get it sharpened professionally or hire a saw that has been newly sharpened.


Tree maintenance is an accident waiting to happen.  Branches don’t fall off a tree in a straight line and you could be hit by timber falling from above, which could cause you a nasty head injury.  Whatever you do, don’t lose your footing with a saw in your hand or it could get messy.  This job is best left to the experts.

These are some of the DIY jobs you should be very careful about undertaking in the home.  If in doubt, call in the professionals.