5 Crazy Casino Stories Guaranteed to Shock You

There are so many interesting things associated with playing casino games that players can share and given the exciting factor they provide, there are more and more people that are showing interest in them. There is something tempting that makes us focus our attention exactly on the craziest stories possible. This is the case just because no matter which activity we actually enjoy, reading, or even listening about other players’ experiences can inspire us to try the activity for ourselves.

Now, let’s dive into the craziest casino stories.


The Amazing Game of Roulette

You have probably heard of crazy betting stories from all over the world and this is probably the most impressive one. Casino player Jack Cody played a tournament and he placed all his winnings, £42,670, to be exact, on a single bet.

The craziest part, which probably is the most unexpected one is that he actually won. Cody is a well-known casino player and when he played the UK Poker Championship, he was at the top of his game. After winning the championship, he was not ready to settle down. Instead, he went all in and bet his winnings in a game of roulette, and the rest is history.

And crazy stories reported by Golden Casino News definitely deserve your attention.


A Push for Good Luck

We all want a little push of good luck, and player Jan Flato, casino player from Florida thought he finally got his. The story starts when he let a woman that was sitting next to him push the handle on the slot machine he was betting on even though he placed the wager. The lucky push from the woman managed to land the jackpot of $100,000.

Then the woman got herself every single penny, as the casino cashed Flato’s winnings because she denied all of his claims.


Third Time Is Not the Charm

This is a story of a pastor that tried to rob the same casino, three times in total before the police caught him. All of this happened in Las Vegas as the church pastor attempted to rob the casino in order to get $33,000.

He pulled his deceiving gun, pointed to the casino’s cashiers, and demanded his sum of money.  Luckily for the cashiers, the police were on hand waiting.


Blackjack to the Rescue

The well-known company FedEx is considered to be saved by the popular game of blackjack. The company was experiencing financial struggles and had only $5,000 left in the bank account. This was not even enough to cover the basic fuel expenses. Frederick Smith decided to pay a visit to a Las Vegas casino and spend a weekend there.

He played blackjack where he bet the last remaining company money and managed to raise them around $27,000.


The Lucky Grandma

The craziest casino story is about a grandma who decided to leave her hotel room in Atlantic City and became the most fortunate casino player.

She rolled the dice for an impressive four hours and 18 minutes in total without hitting a seven, breaking the world’s record for the longest craps roll.