5 Beginner Tips for Riding a Cruiser Bike

You may just move and chew gum at a time. But what we will share here is that some directions and tricks to riding better in your bike. We have pretty much good experience in this case.

So, these all guidelines will help you to become a fairer rider and a sharper rider similarly. When you’re ride a bike, then you know that it is very risky.

We will suggest practicing these following techniques to be a safer and smarter rider for the sake of all. Everyone riding style may slightly differ. But you should have a look at these tricks. So let’s start.

1. Two-Finger Technique

Everyone must need their two fingers to adjust the clutch lever convincingly. If you want to stop your bike or your bike has designed with a weighty clutch pull, then it is entirely okay to utilize your four fingers to handle the clutch.

But after rolling the grip, you should use just one finger or two fingers for conducting the clutch lever because you are riding around the town. You may practice this skill in the off-road.

As a result, you will face more difficulties where you need more control over your bike and without any doubt; you can ride well than before in the streets.


2. Fix the Clutch Friction Area According to Your Priorities

Somehow or other, we can adjust our bike’s clutch friction area as our preferences. Few have modified on the cable of its own, but others have the opportunity to be altered by a button on the saddle.

Even the hydraulic clutch that has a master shaft has a screw or knot that you can use to push the lever backward and forward. There is no better or worse friction area as extended as the clutch is performing correctly.

That’s mean it’s not sliding by not fully solving or dissolving. Each rider can fix their friction area according to their unique personal priorities.


3. Practice Spinning Right and Left

This technique is fundamental and even funny. But it will improve your riding awfully. You are not going to believe that turning to the left is more comfortable than a right turn on a bike.

There are two primary reasons behind this. One is that almost all are right-handed people, so it’s more flexible to push back the handlebar with your leading arm.

Another is that the rear brake bar is on the right side. For this reason, in racing, the very first turn usually is left-handed people to enable riders to brake effectively and maintain balance all along. If you read this cruiser bike post, you’ll find more information regarding this concern.


4. Flick Ability

Same as above, but right away, we are going to piece together the right-handed and left-handed switches back-to-back. Very same trick, just begin as broad as you require and gradually narrow that down. “Flick ability” is a popular word to the bike rider.

This is the area a biker rapidly shifts and flicks their bikes from one side to another, easily piece together left and right spins. Make sure you are starting from slow. The more you practice, the more you can do faster, as we always creep before moving to walk.


5. Practice to Stop Fast

This practice should be done in a vacant parking space or free back road. Be careful not to do this anyplace near traffic. We share this trick just because you may learn how soon your bike can halt.

It’s because you don’t know when you need to put the brakes on. You should practice blocking as fast as possible by speeding to several speeds to learn what extent it needs to take your bike to a full stop.

In truth, you never preferred “put the brakes on.” You like to grasp slowly, firstly, with rising pressure as required.


The Bottom Line

Finally, if you use just your two fingers on the brake lever, you will have undoubtedly better regulation over your bike. The reason is your both hands will have a secure clasp on the bars.

You should seek the cable lube first, in case you require your four fingers to pull the brake lever. Recently bikes have designed with slip-assist clutches that have super light levers.

This type of bike will stimulate you to use this two-finger technique. If you would ride for an extended period, you can use your four fingers. Just keep in mind that your clutch lever is not the only thing that you have to control.