13 Weird Things to do With Dead Bodies

Death. It’s inevitable and one day we all must face our own mortality. But what happens when you die? What kinds of things can you do with a dead body? 



Okay, I know that last statement sounds very bizarre – but seriously – you may not realize how many different things you can have done to your body after you die. Keep reading to discover 13 weird things you can do with a dead body.


1. Get turned into a diamond. Starting as low as $750, Heart in Diamond can take your cremated ashes and extract the carbon which is then heated and pressed into a diamond. You can spend up to $17,295 on a diamond made from some of your cremated remains.


2. Get planted and grow into a tree. One company, Living Urn, makes this process easy with their BioUrn. Your ashes are sent to the company and they create a BioUrn which contains the ashes of your loved one along with the seeds needed to sprout a baby tree. Dig a hole and place the BioUrn into the ground, provide the proper water soil, and a tree will begin to grow from the urn.



3. Float away into oblivion in a biodegradable balloon. Want to float on to the heavens when you die? You can by having your ashes placed inside of a helium balloon. Eternal Ascent Society is a company who will release the balloon wherever you want. The cost for this type of service ranges between $995 to $2,500.


4. Donate yourself to a body farm. Have you never heard of a body farm? They are also known as outdoor forensic anthropology labs and their purpose is to provide a place where researchers are able to study human decomposition. Information learned through these labs is used to help with law enforcement investigations. For example, the decomposition timeline for a body that was perhaps wrapped in plastic and buried can be more accurately determined by looking at the data from one of these labs. There are seven body farms throughout the United States.



5. Get turned into fireworks and light up the sky. In the UK, there is a company that will pack your cremations into fireworks, so that you can spread the ashes mid-air. Heavenly Stars Fireworks offers options that start out around $600.


6. Get buried in a compost suit. If you are looking for a green way to handle your final remains, you might want to look into this option. You can be buried in a suit made of mushrooms and other microorganisms. They are called the Infinity Suit and Infinity Shroud and they create zero waste. You can get either the shroud or the suit for $1,500 and you can choose a biodegradable coffin or no coffin at all.


7. Become part of the oceanic world. Are you a lover of the sea? If so, you may be interested in the company Eternal Reefs who mixes ashes with environmentally safe concrete and lowers this into the sea where it stays as a man made habitat for sea life. Prices for this service start around $3,000 and there is reef cashing available in the United States along the east and gulf coasts.


8. Have your body donated to a medical education program. If you like the idea of helping physicians, dentists, nurses, and physical therapists to become better professionals, then you may want to consider this option. All of these medical professionals learn more about anatomy through the use of studies on human cadavers. These cadevers are also used in the development of life-saving surgical procedures. If these options interest you, check out this link to learn how to donate your body to science.


9. Fill your body with plastic in the name of science. The process called plastination is where the body’s waters and fats are replaced with plastic. This means that your entire body will be preserved and will not decay. You can donate your body for plastination to The Institute for Plastination (IfP) in Heidelberg, Germany.



10. Get launched into outer space. Yes, you read that correctly. If you are a die-hard Star Wars or space fan, you might be excited to hear that you can have your ashes blasted off into outer space Celestis is a company that can put your ashes on “memorial spaceflights.”


11. Get your ashes pressed into a real vinyl record with the audio of your choice. Are you a big time music lover? And Vinyly, is a company that will take your ashes and press them into a vinyl record with 24 minutes of music or audio recording of your choice. This option also comes complete with its own cover that has your date of birth and death, or you can pay more to have your portrait included on the cover as well.


12. Become a glass sculpture or accessory. Art From Ashes is a company that makes stones, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, suncatchers, paperweights and more that include cremated ashes.


13. Get cryonically frozen for possible reanimation. The Cryonics Institute (CI) is a place that will take your legally dead body and store it on ice in hopes that one day you can be brought back to life. Aside from the yearly membership fees, to have your body frozen costs about $28,000.


If you have not already looked into your final arrangements, you really should. Now that you know about these weird ways to take care of your final remains, you can start making plans for afterlife care that best matches your style and taste.