10 Ways to Keep Your House Tidy: Part Two

  • There are so many tips and tricks to spruce while minimizing the clutter.

Have you read 10 Ways to Keep Your House Tidy: Part One? Because this is part two, with many more ways to keep your house tidy.


Grouping things in your drawers into categories will help you find exactly what you need, when you need it. Even things like a baking drawer can help separate sprinkles from jimmies, sugars from seasonings, and measuring spoons from measuring cups.

Use Your Closet

The thing about a traditional-sized closet is that it’s the perfect size for a nook. Whether it’s a book nook, a prayer spot or an open door facilitating more room, you’ll love your “new” closet. Not only do you get more space in your place, but it’s a great way to keep your house tidy.

Pot Rail

Another way to hang things in the kitchen is to install a rail, and hang your pots and pans off that. You could also hang spoons, measuring cups or other tools.

Dedicate a Work Closet

If you work from home, this is especially great. Your office stuff will be organized in your closet, easy to see and get to. You can add in boxes or organizing containers to keep things in their own compartment as well.

Add A Rack

If all else fails, add a rack! (Or something like that.) This idea is to add a towel rack to your linen closet. Towels are out of sight but still hung to dry. Win-win.

Use a Tiered Shelf

Whether it’s on the wall for décor or in a closet for extra storage, everything is easier to see on a tiered shelf. In a pantry you can store everything from cereal to soup cans, all on the appropriate shelf. If it’s pictures or even a diffuser, you can choose the shelf that best fits each of your items. Not only does this keep your house cute, it keeps your house tidy.

The “One In, One Out” Rule

There is a time when the storage space runs out, and even before that you want a little extra space on the side, not your entire space stuffed with stuff. When it comes to buying a new shirt, new dishes, or even a new chair, try to follow the one in, one out rule. That is, if you bring one thing into the house, take one of that same item out of your house and gift it, thrift it, or even sell it!

Use Clear Canisters

Not only is it cool to see your foods through the glass, but it makes for a pretty decoration of food if you will, if you use a shelf and display it. This is a pretty idea in the kitchen whether you lack the storage space or not.

Spinning Caddy

If you don’t want to hang your cooking utensils, you can always use a cup caddy of sorts on the counter next to the stove. This way, the things you need are always within reach and it’s cute, too.

Under Self Space

A lot of shelves have a space underneath them and a bar. This is the perfect spot for yoga mats and a great use of space. It doesn’t take up much space but why not designate a spot for it that has that well- kept aesthetic?

Do you have a new favorite way to keep your house tidy? The idea of an open closet is appealing and could be an awesome new mini-space. Watch for 10 Ways to Keep Your House Tidy: Part Three.