10 Coolest Star Wars Characters

The original Star Wars trilogy started sci-fi movies on the path of mind-blowing special effects and grand stories told by A-l

ist celebrities. After a 16-year hiatus, George Lucas returned to dole out the prequels from 1999 to 2005, whether or not anyone wanted them. (We did not). As the credits rolled on Revenge of the Sith, it appeared the shabby special effects, lackluster narrative, and wooden performances from the actors were the last nails in the series’ coffin.

Until 2012, when Lucas sold the whole thing to Disney. The magic factory set to work with churning out three sequels, new franchises, and the best Star Wars property to date: The Mandalorian. Now there’s an entire universe, growing larger all the time, filled with cool characters. Here are 10 of the coolest Star Wars characters (so far).


Baby Yoda

Cute is cool. Besides, seeing Baby Yoda activate his powers––like lifting the mudhorn to save his buddy, are some of the best moments in The Mandalorian. 


Mace Windu

Legend has it that Samuel L. Jackson worried about finding himself on-screen during the grand battles of the prequels. So he asked Lucas for a purple lightsaber to stand out. It’s still the only one in the Star Wars universe, and Jackson is still the coolest guy in the room


Boba Fett

The cool-guy of the original trilogy. Sure, he’s out to take down the heroes. But you know it’s not personal since he’s the baddest bounty hunter in the galaxy. 

Chirrut Îmwe 

Granted, Storm Troopers line up to get knocked down in Star Wars. And you have to wonder about the military training behind standing in a circle while shooting at an enemy. But the blind master of the Force looks supercool while taking out a brigade of Storm Troopers in Rogue One. He later quips, “Are you kidding me? I’m blind” while getting blindfolded. Cool guy.   


Han Solo

Looking back, a lot of Solo’s iconic lines are pure cheese. But watching as a kid, his stone-cold, “I know,” reply to Leia’s confession of love made him seem like the coolest of the cool. And coming back to help his friends because you knew there was more to him than money. 



The only one cooler than Han was his best friend and “walking carpet,” Chewbacca. He more than deserved his return in the sequels. Even though you couldn’t understand what he was saying, you love every minute he’s on screen. 


General Leia 

From the moment she took charge of her rescue operation in A New Hope to killing Jabba the Hutt, you knew Leia could take care of business. She endured more than her fair share of loss while fighting the Empire but always put the Rebellion first. The coolest. 


Lando Calrissian 

His coolness CV doesn’t need more than the fact Billy Dee Williams and Donald Glover portray him. But the smooth-talking gambler and sabacc player kept getting cooler after dedicated himself to the Rebellion and helped fight alongside Han and Leia. 

Darth Vader

From Vader’s entrance into A New Hope, you just know you’re dealing with a real badass. Disregarding the Prequels (because, ich), he’s a stone-cold badass who pulls hard from the Force’s dark side to do unspeakable evil. But a cool redemption story by the end! Not cool: Kylo Ren and his hero-worship of Vader. 


The Mandalorian

Bounty hunters with hearts of gold are always the coolest. To start, The Mandalorian is the best-written saga in the Star Wars universe. While the armor adds in a lot of cool points, Pedro Pascal’s deadpan portrayal of a complicated hero is fantastic.