10 Amazing and Gross Human Body Part Records

  • Suddenly, we feel a lot more comfortable with our own bodies.

The human body is a wonderful thing. But some bodies are just more wonderful than others.

It’s just a matter of fact that someone always has the biggest or smallest, longest or shortest… Something. Some people were just born it abnormally sized body parts, while others went through grueling body modification to achieve their (subjectively) ideal bodies.

Here are some most amazing and most disgusting records when it comes to parts of the human body.

1) The Longest Nose — 3.46 inches

The longest nose in the world (on a living person, at least) belongs to Mehmet Özyürek from Turkey. His enormous sniffer measures in at 3.46 inches, or 8.8 cm for you metrically aligned.

Fun fact, according to some studies, men with longer noses also have longer penises. Wonder if Mr. Özyürek also holds the size record for another body part…

2) The Longest Penis — 18.9 inches

Unfortunately, if Mr. Özyürek does possess the world’s biggest penis as well, he hasn’t gone public with it. That honor belongs to another man.

Unsurprisingly, there are tons of guys all over the world claiming that their manhood is the biggest of them all. But the biggest we could find belong to 58-year-old Mexican Roberto Esquivel Cabrera.

Cabrera’s penis is a mindblowing 18.9 inches long. However, most of that is foreskin, so his claim to fame is a bit dubious.

The proportionally biggest penis in the world belongs to American Jonah Falcon. His “little” dude measures in at 13.5 inches.

3) The Largest Natural Breasts — 65 pounds (each)

When it comes to ladies’ size records, one woman reigns supreme. The biggest un-enhanced breasts in the world belong Annie Hawkins-Turner from Atlanta, Georgia.

Each of her gigantic boobs weighs 65 pounds. Her bra size is a ridiculous 102-triple-Z.

Hawkins-Turner has made the most of her ginormous chest, too. She’s made quite a living as a fetish model, and she might as well — you’re not going to find anything bigger.

4) The Longest Female Legs — 53 inches

But you’re looking for legs that go all the way up and beyond, you have to turn to Texan Maci Currin. The 18-year-old has the longest legs out of any woman on the plant, measuring at 53 inches.

Currin’s legs make up 60% of her 6-foot-10-inch height. When her record legs were officially recognized, Currin said that she wants to become the world’s tallest model to inspire other women to embrace their bodies.

5) The Tallest Living Person — 8 feet, 2.8 inches

But tall as Currin might be, she’s dwarfed by the tallest living person on Earth. And that person is Sultan Kösen from Turkey.

Kösen height measures in at an incredible 8 feet and 2.8 inches. Unfortunately, his enormous height is a result of several medical conditions caused by a tumor in his pituitary gland, which force him to use crutches to walk.

Kösen’s not the tallest person to ever live, though. That honor goes to American Robert Wadlow, who at the time of his death in 1940 was 8 feet and 11.1 inches tall.

6) The Largest Feet — 1 foot, 3.96 inches

You’d imagine that the world’s tallest man would also have the largest feet. He’s almost there — Kösen has the second biggest feet in the world — but despite his height he can’t quite reach the top.

The world’s largest feet belong to Venezuelan Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernández. His right foot is 1 foot and 3.96 inches long, while his left foot is a smidgen shorter at 1 foot and 3.93 inches.

Life with such huge feet isn’t easy, though. If Hernández wants to wear shoes, he has to get them custom-made in Germany.

7) The Shortest Living Person — 24.7 inches

On the other end of the scale, though, we have Jyoti Amge from India. At only 24.7 inches, she’s the world’s shortest living mobile person.

Amge’s life hasn’t been easy, but at least getting the official recognition from Guinness in 2011 brought her some satisfaction. “Getting this record has made me feel better about myself. I feel popular, special and important,” she said at the time.

Since receiving her record certificate, Amge has found success as an actress, starring in movies and the hit TV show American Horror Story. There’s a silver lining to everything, we suppose.

8) The Longest Toenails — 87 inches (combined)

But we did promise you some gross records as well, so let’s get to it. The world’s longest confirmed toenails ever belong to American Louise Hollis.

All put together, her toenails measure in at a total of 87 inches. Individually, each nail is approximately 6 inches long.

This record was set in 1991, and Hollis has held the record since. We couldn’t confirm whether she still has her nails, but she still holds the official Guinness record.

Maybe no one else has bothered trying to live with such ridiculously long nails.

9) Most Fingers and Toes — 28

You usually take the fact that we have 10 fingers and 10 toes for granted. But Mr. Devendra Suthar from Himatnagar, India, challenges that assumption.

Suthar has 14 fingers and toes, bringing his total number of wigglers to 28. His extra appendages are the result of a condition called polydactyly.

Perhaps surprisingly, Suthar works as a carpenter. According to him, his superfluous fingers don’t get in the way of his work, though he does have to be more careful than most when cutting wood.

10) The Longest Eyelashes — 4.88 inches

It’s annoying enough to get one eyelash in your eye. But you’re lucky it’s not one of these.

The longest eyelashes in the world are attached to Chinese You Jianxia. Although her eyelashes are unnaturally long in general, the longest of them grows from her left upper eyelid and measures at 4.88 inches.

You says that her eyelashes don’t cause her any mentionable discomfort. She attributes their abnormal growth to “living at one with nature.”