Your Weekly Oddee Horoscope: November 2nd

Celestial Events 


A reminder that during November, you can see five of the planets that share our solar system in the night sky. Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars appear soon after sunset, and Mercury and Venus rise during the early morning hours. 


All the stars, planets and heavenly bodies are telling you to vote. You have to participate in a democracy for it to work, and it sure would be swell if our democracy started to work for us. 


You can see Jupiter and Saturn to the south soon after sunset. With a telescope, you’re able to see four of Jupiter’s 79 moons stretching out on either side of the massive planet. Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto are named after Jupiter’s assortment of lovers. 


Catch two of the brightest stars in the galaxy rising in the east around 9 pm tonight. Castor and Pollux are the twin stars, just over Orion’s left shoulder. They make up the heads of the constellation Gemini. 


If you’re up early (or late), head outside to catch the start of the Leonid meteor shower. It won’t reach its peak for another few weeks, but you might be able to spot a couple of shooting stars to wish upon. Find it right overhead of the Leo constellation in the wee hours of the morning. 

Your Sign for the Week


Your leftover Halloween candy this week: KitKat. Change is on its way; you can participate in it by voting on Tuesday. Otherwise, look out for backstabbers and thieves–you’re surrounded and must stay vigilant, even if it’s just on Zoom. 


Your leftover Halloween candy this week: 3 Musketeers. If you’re feeling stuck, Bulls, it might be because you haven’t yet voted. Make a plan and do it. Don’t be surprised if your retrograde problems still around for a few extra weeks; just stay the course. Maybe get into scented candles or macrame for a distraction. 


Your leftover Halloween candy this week: Mounds or Almond Joy. Even if you’re reticent about commitment, Twins, commit to voting this year (on Tuesday!). Then spend the rest of the week organizing your financials and getting ready for big moves in the new year. 


Your leftover Halloween candy this week: Milk Way. Significant changes are on their way Cancer, don’t get swept aside without voicing your opinion; Vote! If you’ve been slogging through it, things are resolving. Buy a new houseplant to inspire more growth at work or in relationships. 


Your leftover Halloween candy this week: Reese’s. Get ready for your weekly calendar to clear out a little Leo, don’t forget to vote and cross off that to-do. Reorganize your priorities, not based on what you think people want from you, but your long-neglected passions. 


Your leftover Halloween candy this week: M&Ms. You’ve been pushing for change for four years, Maidens. Give one final push and vote on Tuesday. Tend to your crops, whether you’re repotting plants, nursing your scoby, or growing a sourdough starter.   


Your leftover Halloween candy this week: Twix. If you’ve been putting off voting because you can’t decide, Libra now’s the time to go with your gut. You’ll notice your feeling shifting in other areas of your life as well; it might be time to rewatch Splice or A Clockwork Orange.


Your leftover Halloween candy this week: Snickers. Stop doom-scrolling Scorpions. It’s draining your energy, and you’re sacrificing your mental health. Just vote, and put it aside to focus on more important things, like your lewks for your Zoom holiday parties. 


Your leftover Halloween candy this week: Butterfinger. You’ve been seeking answers for months now, so get proactive and go vote. Otherwise, tend to your home altar and accept that you’ll have to release some things to resolve them. 


Your leftover Halloween candy this week: 100 Grand. Everyone wants this election cycle to be over already, Sea-Goats–express your frustration by voting, not abstaining. Even though you’ve rearranged your closet multiple times during quarantine, you’re not done yet.  


Your leftover Halloween candy this week: Nestle Crunch. This has been a dark time, Water Bbs, but it’s coming to an end. Empower that change by remembering to vote on Tuesday. Up your self-care regime, and make space for rest. No, really. 


Your leftover Halloween candy this week: Hersey Kisses. Start making decisions with 2021 in mind, Fishes. Decide to vote on Tuesday and help shape the United States for the next four years. Otherwise, tend to the garden of your five-year-plan; small efforts now reap big rewards later.