Weird Things Surfers Do That Nobody Else Understands

The surfing culture involves different attitudes, superstition, priorities, and jargon, and there are tons of weird things surfers do that no ordinary person will understand.

While most people are beach lovers, surfers are entirely a different bunch. They have a passion for the water and the waves that non-surfing individuals can’t comprehend.

Weird Things Surfers Do

If you’ve only met surfers for the first time, it can be hard to understand them. They act differently and talk differently and have an entirely different aura. If you have surfer friends, these weird things surfers do might help you understand them better.

#1. Throwing Shakas

If you’ve never been to a surfing spot or somewhere surfers usually flock to, watching them throwing hand gestures even to people they don’t personally know can be weird. In the surfer’s world, that is what they call throwing shakas.

It’s a hand gesture with a closed fist except for the thumb and little finger, which gets extended outwards. It’s the universal language if there is any in the surf culture. If they see a surfer they know, they throw them a shaka. It’s also a sign of appreciation and solidarity for surfers, and you’ll see them making throwing shakas a habit.

#2. Waking Up at Dawn and Stare in the Window

Getting up at dawn and spending hours staring in the window may be odd behavior for ordinary people. However, it’s common for surfers. They are waiting for the best time to go out and ride the waves in the ocean.

So, if you see surfers tirelessly staring out the window as early as five in the morning, just let them be.

#3. Escaping the Beach with No Waves

Most people are good at lounging at the beach and watching the sunset, but for surfers, that may be the most depressing idea. You would think that surfers will love everything about the beach, but you’re wrong. One of the weird things surfers do is leaving the beach if there are no waves in sight.

Surfers can’t relax on the beach and get a tan. That is not the scenario they are familiar with or want to experience. They don’t go to the beach without their surfboards either, because, for them, that would be nonsense.

#4. Not Washing Muddy Feet

One of the weird things surfers do that ordinary people may not understand is not carrying about their muddy feet while walking on the beach. It adds to their street credibility as wave riders. The muddy your feet are, the better surfer you are in the eyes of everyone on the beach.

#5. Waxing the Tops of Their Feet

If you know a bit about the surfing culture, then you probably know that surfers put wax on their boards for added texture. It provides them with the best grip and prevents them from sliding while riding their boards.

Some surfers are also putting their best surf wax on the top of their feet, which is incredibly odd. However, there is a reason why they do it. They are waxing the top of their feet for storing extra traction when it’s their time to chase the waves. Surfers will rub the bottom of their foot onto the top part of another foot, and vice versa, to transfer the wax and get rid of any stickiness.

#6. Not Caring About Salty Hair

Most people go to the hairdresser after getting salty hair from swimming on the beach, but surfers don’t. If you are one of those people who are particularly specific about never getting your hair out of place, their salty hair may be odd to you. However, that is the norm for surfers. They don’t like straight, and nice-looking treated hairs. They want that bleached sun-kissed hair from surfing under the sun.

#7. Getting Post-Surf Naps

No one wants to sleep with your body aching all over. That would be uncomfortable. However, surfers consider that post-surf fatigue the best way to fall asleep.

#8. Avoid Wearing Green Clothing

One of the weird things surfers do is avoid wearing anything green while surfing at all costs. That includes avoiding any green shirts, green boardshorts, and even green surfboards. That is a superstition widely acted by local surfing communities, as they believe that the sea will take surfers who are wearing green and never let them go.

#9. Choosing a Car Based on Your Surfboard

Most people choose a car, depending on how cool it looks. However, surfers are a truly different bunch as most, if not all, of them choose their car depending on whether they can fit their surfboards in it or not. Their gear comes first.

#10. Not Using Yellow Surfboard in Africa

Another one of the weird things surfers do, especially when surfing in Africa, is freaking out about using a yellow surfboard. It’s another superstition in the surfing community, especially in the locals. Most of them believe that using a yellow surfboard in the ocean attracts shark attacks. They call it Yum-Yum Yellow. Whether it’s true or not, most surfers avoid getting boards in that color.

#11. Choosing Jobs Based on Location

Another one of the weird things surfers do is putting surfing at the top of their priority, which you might think may not be the most practical thing. However, it makes sense for surfers. They will choose a job based on how close it is to the best surfing spot in the area, even if it’s half the salary of another job in the city.

#12. Engaging in Surf-Talk/Surf-Speak

Surfers may be speaking English, but they may as well be speaking another language. If they start talking surf to another surfer, they can easily drop any formalities going on a while ago and speak the language that only they can understand. One of the weird things surfers do is to drop to surf-talk in an instant they are talking to another surfer.

#13. Leaving Conversations for a Wave

Interrupting conversations and leaving may sound rude to you, but for surfers, that is not a problem, especially if there is a wave approaching. The tide comes first, always. If there is a good wave coming, expect that any conversation will stop because surfers will chase it no matter how interesting the conversation is.

There are a lot of ways and quirks that make surfers genuinely different from those who don’t surf. These are just some of the weird things surfers do that no ordinary person will ever understand.