Weird Fun Facts About Everyday Things


Do you know how long the average person sits at a stop light? Or why it seems like the Coca Cola from McDonalds actually does taste better? The answers are 6 months and stainless steel containers instead of plastic bags. Here’s the explanation on those and more everyday weird fun facts for you.

Stop Lights for Life

For six months of your life that is. The average person sits at a stop light for six months of their lives. Is that jarring to anyone else? Six months out of each of our lives, we sit in the car waiting for a light to change? For each time we stop at a stop light, we spend about 75 seconds waiting. What an everyday  weird fun fact.

McDonald’s Coke is Special

The thing is, McDonald’s and Coca Cola have been working together since 1955. Their close relationship works for both companies and the syrup that McDonald’s uses for its soda fountains is shipped via stainless steel containers and not in plastic bags.

Lots of Trees for Lots of Toilet Paper

Trees are cut down everyday, whether for paper products or construction. For toilet paper specifically, it’s a lot of trees that are cut down, like 270,000 trees a day. And that’s just for toilet paper. Even before 2020, us Americans used a lot of butt wipe, a whopping 34 million rolls a day.

Cap’n Crunch has a Real Name

And there’s a reason behind the name Cap’n Crunch, of course. His real name is Ferdinand Magellan and his ship was called the S.S. Guppy. When the cereal debuted in the 1960s, it came out that kids preferred crunchy foods to soggy ones, hence the name, Cap’n Crunch.

Why T-shirts?

Did you know that t-shirts were invented 100 years ago? Cooper Underwear Company began advertising their newest product, t-shirts, to bachelors who couldn’t sew or replace buttons. They originally came out as all white and were quickly trendy.

Pencils Write a Lot of Words

According to reports, a pencil can write around 45,000 words and draw a 38 mile long line. That’s a lot of lead for one pencil.

The Most Widely Printed Book

The most widely printed book is the IKEA catalog. Can you believe it? The store has a very easy to use website but there are 208 million copies of this book printed every year, which surpasses the Bible, Quran, and the Harry Potter series. The catalog varies slightly depending on where you see it because it attempts to follow the culture and norms of the country that it’s printed for. The IKEA catalog is printed in over 72 regions. 

Keyboards Slow Down Your Typing

A fun fact I share with you, as I sit here, typing. Ugh. The letters on a keyboard are situated in a certain way, and have you ever wondered why they aren’t in alphabetical order? This method of keyboard organization, if you will, was developed as a way to slow down typists. Typewriter users back in the day became so skilled with their craft, that they were jamming the typewriters that they were typing on. The QWERTY method, also known as the QWERTY keyboard, actually helped to keep the machines from breaking down, and that is why it’s still used today. (Interestingly enough, plenty of people have no issues speedily typing along, apparently no matter what the keyboard layout looks like. Not that we know any different.)

Bananas are a Fruit

Duh, right? But did you know that bananas are a berry? Because of the outer skin, the fleshy middle, and the innermost part of a banana that has the seeds, this fruit technically qualifies as a berry. This fruit checks off all the “berry” boxes, if you will. Kiwis and watermelon also technically fall into the berry category. And because of the definition of a berry, and what constitutes a berry, strawberries are not considered a berry at all. Now that is a shocking weird fun fact.

Barbie has Unrealistic Proportions

And from the mouth of every woman in America, “Duh.” No but honestly, even her head is crazy disproportionate. Barbie’s head is such a large size that if she were real, she wouldn’t be able to walk or lift up her head.  Because her waist is so teeny tiny, at only 16 inches, it would be 4 inches thinner than her head!

Bubble Wrap as Wallpaper?

It’s true. Back in 1957, two engineers wanted to create a textured wallpaper and they wanted it to be affordable for everyone so they thought to use bubble wrap. The idea didn’t really take off, though. In 1960, IBM need to ship some fragile data processors and the wanted to make sure they used something that would protect their equipment, and their answer? Bubble wrap.

ow cool are these weird everyday fun facts? Which one is your favorite?