Truly Shocking Things You’ll Only See in Dubai

  • Dubai has the biggest and the best ski hill.

Dubai is a city of truly shocking things, from culture shock to Bugatti Ubers. Here’s more truly shocking things about Dubai.

Bikini VS Burqa

Culture shock is a big thing when it comes to Westerners traveling to Dubai. Go to the beach, and you’ll see women in bikinis, much like any other beach. But it shouldn’t take you long to see a woman in a burqa at the beach, either. All black, from head to toe, is no doubt hot and restrictive bit stands out against a white sand background. This would be truly shocking seen anywhere but is a common sight in Dubai.

Living in the Sky

The largest concentration of high rises in the world exists in Dubai. And those high rises are also as high as possible. If you’re looking for the city with the most penthouses and condos available above the 50th floor, than Dubai is the city for you!

Truly Shocking Sky High Prices

For a city in the sky, it makes sense to shoot for the stars and buy what you want. You can find gold-plated and diamond-encrusted cell phones, if that’s what you fancy. It’ll cost you though, in the range of several hundred dollars. That’s a truly shocking cost for a cell phone.

The Prettiest of Traffic Jams

If you’re into fancy sports cars, than there’s no other city for you than Dubai. Anyone who’s anyone owns a fancy sports car in Dubai and you can see evidence of this on your daily commute. Glancing at a traffic jam picture in this city could look like hundreds of sports cars lovers lined up and on their way to a car show. But in all actuality, it’s a simple weekday commute on the streets of Dubai. Truly shocking sites in the middle of your commute are just a part of life here.

Tennis in the Air

Playing tennis in the air is something that you can do in Dubai. There’s a tennis court in the sky and pf course, it holds the record for being the highest tennis court in the world. This sky-high, perched tennis court sits above the Burj Al Arab and is elebated 1,000 feet off the ground. Big names like Roger Federer and Andre Agassi have played on the court, if tennis is your thing.

Truly Shocking Desert Skiing

Because Dubai is in the desert, you wouldn’t associate it with skiing but of course, Dubai has the biggest and the best ski hill. This ski hill is actually the world’s biggest indoor ski resort and the only one open all year around. They have slopes that range from beginner to advanced, so if you’re missing it or you want to try something new, this is the place to do it. Is it truly shocking to find the biggest indoor skiing facility in a desert city, or is it truly terrific?

Public Bathrooms

We know this city is all about the bling and that doesn’t stop at the start of the stall, even in public restrooms. There are public bathrooms in Dubai nicer than our wildest dreams and not only do we want to use them, but we kinda want to live in them! Not only is it white and beautiful, but there’s a state of the art rainfall shower and a jacuzzi tub, what more could you want? Oh, beside for this not to be a public restroom, because you want it for your own house.

Truly Shocking Ubers

Because Dubai is the city it is, even their Ubers are fancy. Not surprisingly, people all over the globe are obsessed with Uber. Dubai has to one-up everyone else and in this case, it’s with really fancy Ubers. Dubai is the only city in the world where your Uber driver may be picking you up in a luxury sports car like a Bugatti.

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