These Strange Inventions Will Really Surprise You

  • From the selfie toaster to the mass shaver, here are some very strange inventions.

Which strange inventions have you fallen in love with? Here are a bunch for you to explore.

Selfie Toaster

This is exactly what it sounds like and easily one of the most strange inventions. The company, Burnt Impressions, created a toaster that allows users to make toast charred with their own selfies. Who wouldn’t want to eat their own face, alongside coffee, for breakfast?

Nose Stylus

Have you ever used the tip of your nose to touch the screen of your phone to make a selection? (Oh, only me?) Anyhow, this is the stuff of dreams. You just wear this literal beak by designer Dominic Wilcox and it’ll be easier than ever to multitask. He clearly didn’t care how they looked or maybe he’s just a huge fan of Clockwork Orange, because it’s basically a beak, so you can peck at your phone.

Mass Shaving Machine

When walrus moustaches and beards declined in the early 19th century, it was acceptable and expected, for men to be clean-shaven. However, to stop at the barbers, who could only serve one customer at a time, a clean shave and a shoeshine became common and therefore the lines became long. This is absolutely one of the strange inventions, this ‘group shaving machine,’ sat several men at a time and serviced them. The first part of the device applied foam to all of their faces. After, a large blade was used to trim their facial hair, all at once. In theory, the device could shave 12 men at once. The limitations of this invention didn’t make it as practical as hoped, as it couldn’t contour or be specific to the face of any man. This resulted in uneven results at best, and at worst, cuts and abrasions from the blade.

Solar Bikini

If you didn’t know already, there’s a solar bikini that you can wear in the sun that will also charge with via USB. As long as you have a USB connection, you can charge whatever you like. And the plus is you will look really “far” out and future like, all thanks to the design of Andrew Schneider. The suit is $200.00, what do you think? Is this one of the strange inventions, or just plain awesome?

Ostrich Pillow 

This Kickstarter got funded in 2012 and the idea was to allow the consumer to catch a cat nap or meditation time. This “fluffy hood with three holes,” had one hole for your head and two for hands. It was promoted as a way to take time out from the noise in this world and to ultimately decrease stress and increase productivity after some shut eye.

Urban Window Baby Cage

Health worker Mrs. Robert C. Lafferty invented the “Window Baby Cage” in 1913, inspired by increasing awareness at the time indicating outdoor fresh air is beneficial to kiddos. This “Window Baby Cage” sold as a solution to apartments without outdoor or garden spaces. The thought process is good but most of us can agree that this is one of the strange inventions.

Radio Hat

Wanting to listen to music on the go is nothing new and people have always wanted to enjoy this. Way before Walkman, iPod and smart phones, was the radio hat. Because of the bulk and size of a radio back in the day, it was inconceivable. In the 1930s in Berlin, an inventor created what was basically a straw hat with two large antennas sticking out on top of it. None of the radio hats were a hit, even being made out of different materials. They were unmanageable and there was issues with the radio signals. Later in 1955, the invention of the transistor radio revolutionized the idea and music has been on-the-go ever since.

The solar bikini is a pretty cool idea bit we are a bit unsure about the “Baby Window Cage.” Do you want to see more strange inventions?