The Wild Romance of Patricia Arquette and Nicholas Cage

Arquette graced the Emmys stage recently, receiving the award for Best Supporting Actress for “The Act.” This is her second Emmy and fourth nomination in a long and respected career. Arquette’s been adored by many since her breakout role in “True Romance,” opposite Christian Slater. The true romance of her life however, was Nicholas Cage, her husband of six years.


In her life, Arquette’s had two divorces and two children; one from an early romance and the second from her most recent marriage. In the middle was her wild romance with Nic Cage, which began in a deli when Cage saw her for the first time and felt love at first sight. He asked her to marry him right then, but she blew him off without taking him seriously.

He asked for a quest of items to bring her to demonstrate his love, and when he completed the quest she would have to marry him. Arquette must have been a little into the idea, because she gave him a thoughtful and charming list of items. She wanted a black orchid (non-existent), J.D Salinger’s signature (extremely rare), a wedding dress from northern Thailand, and an iconic Bob’s Big Boy statue.