The Oddest AirBnbs Throughout the United States

  • Check these fun places out for a unique and fun stay.

Stay at one of the oddest Airbnbs and you’ll have the best time. Have you ever stayed in an Airbnb, because one of these would be a perfect first stay?

Hippie Bus

No, that’s not the name of the city. It’s the name of the Airbnb. Located in Westport Island, Maine, this bizarre bus is such a fun way to vacay. If you’re a family, the kids can jump on the beds and even paint on the exterior of the bus! Because of this, staying in the hippie bus is like visiting a living guest book. There are hints and clues all over the 1960s psychedelic time machine, from others who have stayed in one of the oddest Airbnbs.

Custom Industrial Loft

This AirBnb located in Historic Blackstone, in Omaha Nebraska is quirky yet clean and compact. This restored 1950s building was newly restored to keep the vintage charm people love. This 520-feet mini house comes with a stackable washer and dryer, and even a private backyard and patio.

Experience Hudson

In Hudson, New York, at one of the oddest AirBnbs, it turns out to be a church. If you walked past it, you’d think nothing of it. But simply walk inside, and you’ll see this once historic structure converted with a decked out restaurant-scale kitchen, sky-high, vaulted, modern light fixtures and you’ll feel the ambiance of luxury.

Unique, Romantic and Fun Floating House

This Portland Oregon Airbnb floats on water, what an amazing way to fall asleep! With pastel colors and vintage vibes, this the the oddest but most adorable floating abode. Complete with a loft bed and an amazing view from the house’s high birdhouse-like window. Who wouldn’t want to stay at the oddest AirBnb in Oregon?

Forest Gully Farms

Agri-tourism looks like none other when it comes to this underground hut. The Forest Gully Farms are located in Santa Fe, Tennessee and they’re remarkable structures on their own. These accommodations are built underground, into the hills on the same land as a food farm. Visitors choose from three hurts when reserving this rental and they farm for themselves throughout their stay as well. What a cool idea, farm to hut? Love that this is one of the oddest Aribnbs.

Storybook Cottage with a View

This real-life, crooked storybook cottage may look familiar to you, as you’ve seen it before in every book of fairytales you’ve ever read. Visit this AirBnb in Ghent, West Virginia to be charmed in every way. It feels like the house is straight out of Disney and the plum, cherry, and apple trees hint that this resemblance may have been intentional.

The Sylvan Float Treehouse

This Stanton, Kentucky Airbnb is a floating treehouse and who doesn’t want to stay in a treehouse? This all wood Airbnb also has an arty front door in the entryway. This magical AirBnb is quiet, tucked away and built into a community of Oak trees.

How fun are these, even if they are the oddest Airbnbs?