The 7 Weirdest Things We’re Obsessed with Watching: Part Two

  • We can't take our eyes off these types of videos.

If you haven’t read The 7 Weirdest Things We’re Obsessed with Watching: Part One, follow the link. Because this is part two.

Watching People Sleep

Some of the highest paid content creators, (if you call them that,) make their money from keeping a webcam on where people can watch them sleep. They are actually called sleep streamers and they make money by sleeping. Crazy enough, others will pay to wake up strangers. What do you think that’s like? Seems honestly terrifying and that’s a no from me.

Crushing Videos

Snapchat has a lot of these videos, from crushing things like metal coffee cans to slime containers or even makeup. A huge metal cylinder will come from the top of the video and smash whatever is below it. So you watch anything and everything crushed under the same weight of the metal. These are the best for watching because you never know “how” different things will look when they are being crushed.

Pimple Popping

This has been a thing for a while and there are a lot of bodily fluid shows and videos because of it. It’s gross, but some people like gross. From pimples to blackheads to cysts and more. Have you ever watched these videos or do you think you’d like them if you did?

Soap Shaving

Soap shaving may be the most satisfying thing you’re not watching. If you’ve never seen or heard about it, it’s as simplistic as it sounds. You can shave soap with a razor, a knife a pair of scissors and more. And watching it is just bliss. Sometimes people will score the top few layers of a bar of soap, and then score it the opposite way as well. This creates a small waterfall of mini squares as the soap is cut. People also shave soap with a vegetable peeler and that gives thin strips. Are you into it?

Watching Others Pop Bubble Wrap

Is there someone out there that doesn’t love to pop bubble wrap? It’s cool that if you love it, and you don’t have any, you can still enjoy the experience of it. Sure, you aren’t touching it or popping them yourself but it’s still pretty close right?

100 Layers

This is where people will do the weirdest things in 100 layers. There are cakes made, lasagnas, prepared, nails painted and even foundation applied and all in 100 layers. Some things worked well, but of course got super heavy under the weight, like the lasagna. But things like 100 layers of nail polish or foundation looked awful and they probably had a hell of a time getting those products off. Yuck. But we are still obsessed with watching others do them. This is something we don’t want to do ourselves and therefore we like watching others do it.

Cooking ASMR

The cooking ASMR videos are in a class by themselves. Some video clips are short and super fast while some are slower, with more relaxing vibes. But either way, they have chopping, pouring, salt grinding, and even pasta dumping, all for your audio and viewing pleasure. If you try any of these things we’re obsessed with watching, make sure it’s this.

Do you already love watching all of these videos on media? Are there any I missed?