When Time Ceased to Exist

Told by: Deeanna

I grew up in a small picturesque village set on a steep hillside in Wales with only one road in and out. My family home was halfway up a hill, and there are lots of hills, lanes and steps to walk to the bottom of the village.

When I was in my teens I had a job in a local newsagents and would need to be there before 7am. The walk would take 15 minutes, so I would leave my house at 6:30 to get there at 6:45 for my morning coffee. On one particular mid-winter morning, nothing was any different to any other day. The weather was dry and the sky was still very dark and lit by streetlights. I had begun my walk down to the bottom of the village. I had walked down the large hill from my house and was about to walk down a large set of steps (roughly 70) and the next thing i knew I was at the bottom of the steps looking up! I have absolutely no recollection of descending them all, it was really quite bizarre and rather unnerving. I remember I kept looking up and thinking “how am I here?” I did not walk down those steps. I remember stepping on the first and then I was at the bottom. As you can imagine I was very jumpy for the rest of my journey to work. I arrived at 6:40, 5 minutes earlier than usual.


I  have never spoke of this to anyone as it just sounds ridiculous.  Several years back. I was out with friends in the same village we were generally chatting and reminiscing about our childhood when one of the group told the exact same tale as me! I never came clean that I had experienced this weird occurrence because I cannot explain what or how it happened.

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