Let the Right One In

Told by: Myra

Old Creepy House

I live in Springfield, OH. My husband and I met in 2003 while I was finishing up my undergraduate degree at Wittenberg University. I have never been one to believe in the supernatural until we met and began to live together. He had told me various stories of different times that he had encountered spirits but I can’t really say that I believed any of them until experiencing them myself.

The first house we lived in together was an old double that we shared with an older woman upstairs. One night a terrible thing happened which resulted in our 2 pitbull dogs being shot and killed. (Another strange and unbelievable story) After this we would hear different things. Once, while in the bathroom I heard whispering in the kitchen, another time a dog whimpering. One night before bed we had a set of French doors leading from our bedroom to the living room and I was trying to open them so that I could turn off the light. I pushed and pushed on the old doors (which usually just swung open) with no luck. My husband pushes with all of his might and the doors swing open. Somehow the couch that was pushed against the wall was moved and had blocked both doors, very strange because that was a very old kind of 70’s style couch which was VERY heavy. There were many many more incidents however the next one still gives me goosebumps.

A few years into our relationship we moved into a full house, it was huge and beautiful inside and outside. After a few days in this house we began to second guess whether this property was for us. My husband worked nights so I was home alone frequently at nighttime which ordinarily was no big deal. This particular night, it was pretty late and I was getting ready to go to bed, I had turned all the lights off downstairs and began to make my way up the steep staircase to our bedroom. You ever have that feeling that someone is standing right behind you? Well I had that feeling and made the mistake of turning around. Behind me was a totally black, shadowy figure, tall, almost reaching the ceiling, with a wide brimmed hot, like a cowboy hat, right behind me! I was so scared I booked it up the steps, slamming the door to the bedroom. The next night, I still hadn’t told anyone what I had seen. My husband’s kids came over for the weekend and we had just put them to bed. About an hour later, a piercing scream jolts us both from the movie we were watching. We run upstairs and his son is crying in terror pointing to the corner saying that he just saw an all black “devil” with horns. We comfort him and finally get him back to bed. We go back down stairs to finish our movie and he turns to me slowly saying, “I didn’t tell you this earlier because I didn’t want to scare you but I saw the same exact thing that my son just described but instead of horns it was like a hat.” I stared at him in disbelief. He described the same exact thing that scared me from the night before.

Once we realized that we all saw the same thing even more strange things began to happen. It was like it knew we were terrified and fed off of it. We heard voices, things moved, some days the cat would be so terrified that she would climb the curtains (something she had never done before in the previous years we had her), rats and bats were a nuisance, and one lady (a friend of mine)outright refused to come in the house for a visit. That was one scary azz house, our year lease couldn’t end fast enough and we were outta there!

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