Online Games Booming During the Pandemic

As the world adapts to the ‘quarantine’ mantra during this coronavirus pandemic, millions of people are now finding hobbies to do while at home. While people are gardening, trying new recipes, working out, and such like activities, online gaming has also had a surge. In a world being driven by the availability of smartphones and desktops, the transformation of the same to recreation gadgets is also rising. This has seen the booming of online gaming during the COVID-19 pandemic. While online gambling is meant for a specific demographic of people, those not interested in money-making gaming have also involved themselves in social gaming which is not only meant for fun and a distraction from boredom but also a bonding moment between friends and family.  

The online gambling scene, for example, is one of the major ‘beneficiaries’ of the quarantine ‘era’. Most land-based casinos have ceased operations in various regions in efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 and with the need to continue their operations to keep the casinos running, they have opted to further strengthen their online platforms that give players an avenue to play for free and for real money.

Free to Play Online Slots

Playing for free as it states is playing without any deposit on your account. It involves free to play online slots and other casino games. However, the slots are more popular. They are already a bunch of them made available and with the current crisis most providers have stepped up a notch higher to provide even more free to play online slots. On sites like, you can try some of the most popular games for free without having to register or download.

This is always a marketing strategy for them and another win situation for the players. What’s more, the free slots do not require you to download and they will be available to you 24/7 anywhere in the world provided you are connected to the internet.

It’s all fun with the free to play online slots but what players must understand is that you cannot win real money from them. You only gain insight before opting to proceed to play for real money. Playing the free slots also gives the players an avenue to compare different casinos before deciding that which fits them. In another highlight of the free to play online slots, players get to know their strengths and weaknesses. This mainly refers to which slots a player stands to win something and that which they find difficult to land on a winning combination.

Aside from the free plays, there is an increased demand for real-money online gambling. The casino industry has seen more and more casino lovers creating accounts with them to play online casino games. This is not only convenient but also an avenue that gets to win players’ real money during these tough economic times.

Social Gaming

On the other side, social gaming has also received a surging demand. The last few weeks have seen many professional footballers take the controls of ‘FIFA 20’ after the pandemic saw the cancellation and postponement of many leagues. Two Spanish footballers, for example, decided to go head-to-head with a virtual audience watching the match online. The digital crowd is now slowly replacing the ‘real-world’ crowd that is sadly falling apart due to COVID-19. The event saw a boom in the digital gaming industry with over 60,000 people deciding to watch the game out of distraction, friendship, and entertainment.

The game between Borja Iglesias, a Real Betis Striker, and Sergio Reguilon of Sevilla was streamed through the popular platform Twitch and ended up with the Real Betis man scoring the winning goal to leave the scoreline at 6-5.

The English Premier League has also in the recent weeks held an ePremier League Invitational tournament on PlayStations that involved all the teams majorly represented by one of their players. The tournament was also widely watched by football fans with 106 goals scored in the 18 matches played that saw Diogo Jota of Wolves beat Trent Alexander Arnold to be crowned the champion extending Liverpool’s ‘wait’ to land on a ‘title’

As the demand rises, so are internet service providers tasked with the work of ensuring that their networks are shored up. According to Verizon’s network, the weekly gaming traffic shot up an ‘unprecedented’ 75 percent. This gets to show you the level of online gaming during the coronavirus pandemic.

With the COVID-19 end not in sight, it seems online gaming will be on the rise for the unforeseen future.