9 Unbelievable Real Life Christmas Grinches

1The woman who tried to run down her ex and his family while playing Christmas music

Mary Jo Smith, 47, tore up the yard of her ex-boyfriend's home, nearly running the man and his family over — all while playing Christmas music.

Alan McCutcheon was setting up a light display outside of his Fayette County, Pennsylvania home when Smith yelled “Merry Christmas” and made several passes through his yard in her car. She attempted to hit the 64-year-old, his wife, and his adult daughter. No one was injured, but Smith has been charged with multiple offenses.

2The smoker who set fire to a Christmas parade float

A Dr. Seuss-themed float in a Christmas parade in Huntsville, Alabama was set aflame by a careless "Grinch" with a lit cigarette. (A bit of irony there.)

Jeananne Jackson of Lost and Found Pets of Huntsville/Madison County said, “Somebody flicked a cigarette out, and it landed in the straw on our float and burned it to the ground. My husband was driving, and I was driving behind him when I noticed the smoke, and other people did too. Luckily, several people came and helped us unload some of the stuff. We were able to salvage some of it, but the house we worked so hard on, that we were so proud of, went up in smoke.”

The group had built a full-sized “Who” house with a smoking chimney to vie for the $300 first prize for best float, which would be used to spay and neuter cats and dogs.

3The vandal who stabbed a Frosty the Snowman inflatable

Home surveillance video caught a vandal stabbing a Christmas display in Soulard, Missouri in December 2016.

Owner Jeff Diggs said, "It's just mean-spirited, it's silly vandalism. While it might be fun to you, it hurts other people." Still, he made light of the situation — he created a GoFundMe page for Frosty's "medical expenses," but doesn't expect to collect any cash.

4The man who told children Santa didn't exist while walking along a Christmas parade route

A 28-year-old man from Kingston, Ontario, was once the subject of a segment on The Colbert Report after police received a complaint that he was drunkenly walking along the Kingston Santa Claus Parade route telling children old St. Nick didn't exist. He was quickly located by officers after he was described as “having his hair formed to look like horns that were protruding from his head.”

5The Venezuelan officials who confiscated children's toys and were called "grinches"

Venezuelan authorities confiscated approximately 4 million VEF in Christmas toys after accusing a toy distributor of planning to sell them at overstated prices during the Christmas season.

The many families who won't be able to purchase the sequestered toys have labeled the consumer protection agency, which raided the warehouse, as the “the Grinch that stole Christmas." Agency head William Contreras said that wasn't the case, and told reporters toys will now be offered to families in underprivileged communities at less-than-market rates. Toys are included on the list of regulated products that have to be sold at government-approved prices under Venezuela's socialist government.

6The man who attacked a bartender over Christmas music

We love Black Sabbath too, but 33-year-old Christopher Gamboeck took his fandom to a new level when he instigated a violent confrontation in favor of the band.

Gamboeck took his feelings out on the bartender at Farm Tavern Bar in Madison, Wisconsin when she switched the sound system from Sabbath to holiday music. According to police, he “chugged his glass bottle of beer, and slammed it down on the counter" all while yelling obscenities. He then threw the bottle at her head before jumping behind the bar, fists clenched. Luckily, he was stopped by a group of customers that included his uncle. He was thrown out, but not before he “pulled down a Christmas tree and broke several delicate ornaments.”

Gamboeck is facing disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property charges.

7The lawyer who is suing his neighbor over her Christmas display

How much is too much? New York lawyer Nick Wilder is suing his neighbor, socialite Lisa Maria Falcone, for the nonstop holiday music blaring from a display outside of his apartment building on East 67th Street. “I like a Christmas song on Christmas Day. But I'm tired of hearing ‘Jingle Bells' like 700 or 800 times a day,'' he said.

The music can start as early as 7 am and end as late as 11 pm.

Falcone's holiday displays have upset neighbors before — in 2014, she put up Halloween decorations that included an old woman holding a dead baby.

8The diner who felt a restaurant's Christmas music was "offensive"

A note left at Michael's Tasting Room in St. Augustine, Florida went viral, after being posted on Facebook by owner Chef Michael Lugo.

The note reads, "Christmas music was offensive. Consider playing 'holiday' music or less religious themed." The post has since received over 800 comments and dozens of shares, with many rallying in support of the restaurant manager's decision to play Christmas music which he claims he will continue to do.

9The squirrel that has stolen over 150 Christmas lights

Even a squirrel can be a Scrooge! YouTuber Margaret Rican posted a series of videos showing a furry "bulb bandit" making off with the blue, yellow and red bulbs from her Christmas string lights.

"He has stolen 150 in 24 hours, carefully and precisely chewing through the wires to steal the [bulbs] and bury them around the neighborhood. He's the hardest working rodent we've ever seen," she says. Rican suspects the criminal critter might either be decorating his nest for Christmas or mistaking the bulbs for food.