11 Creepy Father-Daughter Pictures

1That Look in His Eyes

There's so much wrong here I don't even know where to start.

2Hulk and Brooke Hogan

A good dad helps his daughter apply sunscreen on her back, but a creepy one makes sure to do her upper thighs and butt.

3David Magnusson's Purity Ball Photos

During a purity ball, a young girl promises to remain a virgin until marriage and her father vows to protect her chastity. In some cases, they even exchange of vows and a ring. Photographer David Magnusson documented the stories of many of these "couples," and the resulting images are more than a little creepy.

4More Purity Ball Weirdness

Another from David Magnusson's purity ball series. This girl looks a little swept away by the idea.

5Kissing Daddy

Another purity ball picture from a documentary on the subject. This one is the creepiest of the bunch.

6Trump and Ivanka

Donald Trump's relationship with his daughter is pretty darned creepy, and while it may not have been publicized until he started running for president, the pictures are proof that it's always been a bit odd.

7Trump and Ivanka Again

The Donald is all too happy to call his daughter "hot."

8Trump and Ivanka, Yet Again

In fact, he once said, "She does have a very nice figure. If Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her." She sure looks like a trophy wife in this picture.

9Siren Song

Nothing like putting your pre-pubescent daughter on display, complete with a giant set of pretend knockers.

10The Call of the Wild

You know this dad's bathing suit is blocked by a bridge, but it's still hard not to see him naked with his two daughters in this picture.

11The Beauty and the Bathrobe

Plenty of girls take pictures with their dads before prom. Not many are lucky enough to get a shot with their dad while he wears a bathrobe.