9 Heroes Who Gave Away Free Stuff

1Free Hugs

Sometimes all you need is a hug. And if you're in Carl Junction, Missouri, Dawn Anderson will see that you get one — free. Ms. Anderson volunteers at the local community center, where she doles out embraces to all who ask. You can join her Free Hugs Club by calling 417-624-9360 “We need positivity in this world. We've got too much hurt, too much anger, so I'm just praying that we're able to spread,” she said.

21 British Pound per day for a year

After Brexit, I wonder how this would go over now?

From 2014-2015, artist Nathania Hartley created a project she called “The Gift,” where she gave away a £1 sterling coin to a random stranger. She created an interactive map of the experience, where you can read about each exchange, including where it happened and what they were wearing at the time.

3Free Prom Dresses

Breann Hollis of Lufkin, Texas understands how difficult and expensive it can be to find the perfect prom dress. She decided to gather the old prom dresses hanging in her closet and donate them to a local charity and encouraged her friends on Facebook to do the same. She got such an outpouring of support that she then created Princess at the Prom and received over 175 dresses.

Princess at the Prom is dedicated to helping girls find a dress they love and gives it to them, free. The first giveaway in March 2016 was a hit, with 50 girls walking away with something to wear on that special night.

410,000 free tech seminar tickets to women

The tech industry is known for being male-dominated, and at least one organization is trying to change that. In 2016, Web Summit, Europe's largest technology conference and marketplace, launched a program called Commitment to Change, where they would give away 10,000 free tickets to any women in the tech field that wanted to attend. The response was overwhelming and positive — the 10,000 tickets went quickly.

5Woman fired for giving kids free lunches

A lunch lady by the name of Della Curry was fired for giving away 20 free lunches to children she says can't afford to pay.

The Cherry Creek School District insists that they give free lunches to all children who fall below the federal poverty line and say Curry was giving food to those that can afford it, a violation of policy. “I knew the whole time it was a firing offense,” she said to the Denver Post. “Somebody told my supervisors what I had done, and it is immediate termination. I will take that if we can change the rules.” Ms. Curry has since started a Facebook page called No Child Goes Hungry and is currently looking for a job.

6Free tampons in public facilities

NYC also recently rescinded a tax on tampons deemed unfair to women

In 2016, New York City made history by becoming the first city in the United States to dispense free tampons and sanitary pads in public facilities.

With a 49-0 vote, the City Council agreed to make sure there were free tampons in public schools, homeless shelters, and prisons. Unlike toilet paper, which is available in all facilities, female hygiene items always had to be paid for privately, which is often a costly burden for those below the poverty line.

7Ukraine capital gives free gas to women in bikinis

You know what the Beatles say about Ukraine girls...

On September 26, 2016, a gas station in Kiev, Ukraine pulled a rather unusual publicity stunt, offering free gas to women in bikinis. Eager for a discount, many women showed up and stripped down, and so did a few men! While this was meant to be a lighthearted way to end the warmer months before the city plunged into sub-zero weather, it was also a sober reminder about the skyrocketing cost of living due to the continuing conflict with Russia.

8Two women say “no” to free $1000

The second woman eventually said "yes" off camera

Australia's Today Show had an unusual problem when it tried to give out $1000 — two people actually said “no.” Weatherman Stevie Jacobs was doing a live on-air promotion called “Random Acts of Cash,” offering the money to complete strangers. First, a woman ran away in terror, and the next day, a woman merely looked at the money and laughed. “I have never seen that before,” Stevie said.

9Halifax woman gives free away Nashville John Prine tickets

The Murphy's and the entire family drove down from their tiny town of Wolfville to thank her in person.

Therese Harvey lives in Halifax Nova Scotia and is a huge John Prine fan, so much so that she was going to see Prine play in Nashville. Somehow, she wound up with a pair of extra tickets to the event. Instead of trying to sell them, she went to her local radio station to see if any John Prine fans were listening that could make the trip and use the tickets. As it turns out, a man named Riley Murphy was listening; his father Patrick was a huge fan and would be in Nashville that week for a family wedding. After a short review of other applicants, Harvey declared Murphy Sr. the winner.