10 Amazing Zoo/Aquarium Animal and Human Interactions

1The hungry lioness that tried to eat a baby

This lucky toddler has grown into a young boy—and he has a thick pane of glass to thank for it.

In 2011, all that was separating little Trent Higley from a hungry lioness named Angie was a pane of glass. The nerve-wracking moment was captured on video by the then one-year-old's father, Ryan, during a family visit to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado and posted on YouTube. It has since gone viral with over 10 million views and counting.

2The lovable orangutan that kissed the belly of a pregnant woman

Rajang, a 47-year-old orangutan at the Colchester Zoo in England, kissed the belly of a pregnant woman, Maisie Knight, through the glass of his enclosure.

Knight, 23, was 37 weeks in when she visited the zoo with her partner, Jamie Clarke, on July 13, 2015.

Rajang, who was orphaned a month after his birth, has been described by the zoo as "very interactive. (He) engages with visitors and keepers in ways which other individuals may not."

He's also discerning, apparently. When Clarke put his own belly to the glass, he said he "got a dirty look" from Rajang.

3The leopard that attacked a toddler but was thwarted by its glass enclosure

In June 2015, a leopard at the Minnesota Zoo leapt from his den to pounce on a baby but hit the glass instead.

The confused cub seemed dumbfounded and just kept clawing at the window. The baby just sat and laughed, oblivious to the big cat just inches away.

4The siblings who were photobombed by a fierce gorilla

In what looks like the fiercest photobomb ever, this gorilla pulled a terrifying face as two youngsters visiting a zoo in Australia in 2013 offered their bananas to the hungry primate.

Motaba, the gorilla, attempted to steal a bite from siblings Ella and Bridget O'Brien, who appeared unafraid of the gigantic silverback behind them.

The gorilla currently lives at Werribee Open Range Zoo in Melbourne, Australia with his two sons, Yakini and Ganyeka.

5The silverback gorilla that broke a window while attempting to attack the family behind it

In April 2015, a silverback gorilla cracked the glass of its enclosure after charging a family watching it. In the video, a young girl is seen playfully imitating the gorilla at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo, before it suddenly charges at the glass barrier. The family recoil in terror as the it strikes the glass, causing large cracks to appear.

6The little boy who was sprayed by a beluga whale

You know what they say: When it rains—or when a Beluga whale sprays water at you—it pours.

This kid learned that lesson the hard way when he visited China's Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park in the country's Zhejiang province. There, the youngster encountered the overzealous (or, perhaps, delightfully sassy) mammal and was drenched, not once, but twice!

7The boy who "played" with a grizzly

This video, posted in 2012, depicts a bear on one side of the glass and a little boy on the other. The boy runs back and forth, and the bear happily follows him. The animal extends his arms and gets increasingly excited, playing with the boy who is just as enthused to romp with him.

Adorable, right? Well, some commenters on this popular YouTube video say that the bear is not playing with the boy at all—he is trying his best to eat him. If the glass wasn't there, they say, the boy would be the bear's lunch.

8The hippo that posed for family photos

This friendly hippopotamus was mesmerised by these children when they visited her at the Valenciaís Bioparc in Valencia, Spain in 2012. The female giant loved the attention and happily posed for family pictures before swimming off to care for its own offspring.

9The chimp that wanted to be let out of its enclosure

This heartbreaking video that was taken at the Welsh Mountain Zoo in 2012 shows just how desperate this chimp is to be understood and to be let out of his cage.

The animal is seen motioning to a watching visitor to unlock the bolt on what appears to be a glass door and lift the window, so he can be free.

Tapping on the window, the chimp repeatedly urges people standing on the other side of the glass to let him out. The animal links its fingers together, in a signal similar to the American Sign Language representation of the word "gate."

10The manatee that launched a million memes

CMGW Photography snapped this beautiful shot, "First Contact," in which a young girl and a manatee share a moment through a pane of glass on May 8th, 2012 at Sea World in Florida. The photo has since launched a million memes and is now referred to as "Overlord Manatee."