12 Crazy Business Suits


Made famous by Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother, Suitjamas combine the style and formality of a suit with the casual comfort of pajamas. They even come in three colors so you can change your office look without sacrificing coziness.


One complaint about Suitjamas is that every item is separate. If you want to wear them to bed you need to put the jacket on over your shirt and then tie the tie –too time consuming for sleepwear. If you want the comfort and simplicity of onesie pajamas, you need a Suitsy. It's an all-in-one suit/pj combo with pants sewn in to the top and a false dress shirt sewn in under the jacket. Just add your own tie. The false buttons on the shirt conveniently hide the zipper that enables the whole thing to slide on and off.


If you like the idea of suitjamas and the Suitsy, but want something one step up from actual pajamas, you might be in the market for a Traxedo. The perfect blend of old school and new school mafia attire, the Traxedo combines the function and comfort of a track suit with the style of a tuxedo.

4The Denim Suit

The term "Canadian Tuxedo" has long been used to describe an outfit that consists of a denim jacket partnered with jeans. Ralph Lauren apparently heard the term and decided to make it a literal dress suit -though something tells us despite the name, you aren't likely to see this in a boardroom any time soon.

5Ugly Christmas Sweater Suits

Ugly Christmas sweaters have becoming increasingly popular over the last few decades, but up until now your ugly holiday options were pretty much limited to only sweaters. Now, thanks to Shinesty, you can cover your whole body in an ugly Christmas suit.

6Wetsuit Suits

Stepping out of the surf and into a boardroom sounds like something reserved for people with the suave sophistication of James Bond. In other words, people that don't exist. Quicksilver hopes to change that with their new line of wetsuits that look like business suits, called True Wetsuits. There's even a tuxedo version for those black tie affairs.

7The Diamond-Encrusted Suit

The idea of a "power suit" is nothing new, but designer Stuart Hughes took things to a whole new level when he created "The Suit." Adorned with 480 half karat diamonds, there are only three of these suits in existence. With a price tag of almost $1 million each, it's hard to imagine they would be able to sell more than that anyway.

8The World's Most Expensive Suit

Whereas Stuart Hughes' luxury suit is all about flash, Suitart's Diamond Armor offers a bit more for its incredibly high price tag of $3.2 million. Wondering what could justify such an outrageous price tag? Well, the waterproof suit is bulletproof, equipped with a cooling system and accentuated with 880 black diamonds. The tie that comes with it is woven with 24 karat gold.

In other words, Diamond Armor is pretty much the closest any real person will get to being able to suit up like James Bond.

9Do The Dew Suit

Some guys wear their heart on their sleeve, but Jason Hemperly decided make his sleeves (and the rest of his outfit) from his fuel of choice – Mountain Dew. This look took a lot of dedication, and a lot of two liter sodas.

10Duct Tape Tux

They say duct tape can fix anything. Apparently it can even solve the problem of not having anything to wear. Carson won a scholarship from Duck brand duct tape for his golden prom look. Just goes to show, it pays to be resourceful with duct tape no matter what the situation.

11The Camouflage Suit

Sometimes you need to stand out even while trying to blend in, and that's precisely what Stephen Colbert did when he sported this custom-made Brooks Brother's suit during his USO tour. It was the perfect look for this comedian talk show host while visiting troops who were stationed in Iraq.


While more and more people are able to express themselves through fashion and wear what they want to work, many are still forced to don ordinary suits every day. The Itasuit offers those people a chance to quietly display their inner geek, by sewing anime-styled artwork in the lining of the suit jacket.