10 Unusual Clocks

1The Doomsday Clock

The Doomsday Clock is a theoretical clock maintained by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists since 1947 and the dawn of the Cold War. It represents how close we are to Nuclear Armageddon, with 12:00 am being “Doomsday.” The closest the Clock got to midnight was 11:58 pm in 1953 - the farthest was 11:37 in 1991. It currently stands at 11:55 and that is one alarm we don't want to go off!

2The 10,000 Year Clock

This is a clock whose goal is to go 10,000 years with little-to-no maintenance. It is designed by Danny Hillis to support the concept of thinking about our sense of time in a (much) larger fashion. It is currently being built and has no completion date. Watch:

Clock One: Winder & Main Differential from The Long Now Foundation on Vimeo.

3Chron Time

This inventor attempts to “streamline” the concept of time with a metric clock. Quite simply, there are 1000 chrons per day. Click here for the current time in Chrons.

4New Earth Time

Here's another concept for a more global concept of time by using 360 degrees as the counting mechanism. Click here to see the current NET.

5Death Clock

Want to know when you are going to die? This clock accounts for age, sex, weight, and BMI (body mass index) to give you an idea of when you might expire. Click here, if you dare!

6Drug War Clock

DrugSense, a group against the endless War on Drugs perpetrated by the U.S., shows the passage of time in dollars spent and people arrested and jailed.

7Gun Clock

This clock attempts to show gun deaths in a different light - as compared to other types of ways people die - in order to support the creator's agenda of responsible gun ownership.

8National Debt Clock

The analog (i.e. Real World) version of the clock is located in New York City.

Worried (or just wondering) about the ballooning U.S. National Debt? You can watch it tick from this link.

9Human Clock

This is a counting clock comprised of user-submitted photos of time from around the world. Watch and/or submit by clicking here!

10Countdown Clock

Want to know how many days there are before the next Star Wars movie, or any other personal milestone? Use this link to create your own countdown!