12 Most Amazing Pictures of Things Cut in Half

Do you ever wonder what common (and not so common) things would look like on the inside if they were cut in half? Take a look at this odd collection of cutaway shots of random objects, giving you an inside view.

1A Leica Camera Lens

2A U.S. Navy Minesweeper

3The Human Heart

4A Lock

5A Sheep's Coat

6A Range Rover

7A Canon Photocopier

8A Hand Grenade

9Golf Balls

Photographer James Friedman is not a golfer, but he knows a lot about golf balls simply from slicing them in half and photographing their inner beauty. Titled "Interior Design," Friedman's delightful photo series shows how each sliced golf ball's core has a distinctive, colorful texture hidden inside. Some balls resemble strange meteorites, while others look like candy.

10Cans of Soup

11A Lego Love Boat

12A Pepper Mill