9 Bizarre Love Stories… Explained!

1Man Lives with Corpse as His Lover

This is Elena Hoyos, before and after death.

You want weird? How about Count Carl Van Cosel, who was not a count and whose last name was really Tanzier. A lonely x-ray technician, he became obsessed with Elena Hoyos, who was a patient at the hospital where he worked. Elena was suffering from tuberculosis and the Count promised to restore her to health with his x-ray machine. Secretly, he knew that she was dying. When she finally passed on October 25, 1931, she was buried, but Van Cosel convinced the family to move her to a mausoleum. What they didn't know was that he had the only key and would visit her every night. After a few years, he secretly moved her to his house, where he would dress her up in bridal clothes and sometimes dance (and probably do other things) with her. He covered her decaying flesh with wax and plaster and doused her with perfume. He was eventually caught and tried for his heinous deeds, but by this time the statute of limitations had passed.

He may have suffered from Necrophilia, a sexual attraction to a corpse.

2A Man with Two Penises Falls in Love with a Woman with Two Vaginas

His pants fit him like a glove...

Blanche Dumas was born in the 1800s with three legs, four breasts, and two vaginas. You would think that this would be a hinderance to her love life, but no. In fact, it was just the opposite, as she was known as the Three-Legged Courtesan. One day she heard about Juan Baptista do Santos, who also had three legs, but, more importantly, TWO penises. Thinking of all the possibilities, she insisted on meeting him, and the rest... well, we'll just leave that up to your imagination.

They suffered from Tripedalism, having been born with three legs, Diphallia, and penile duplication, which affects 1 in 5.5 million people. She may have uterous didelphys, which is less rare (1 in 3000), as well as Nymphomania, an insatiable sexual arousal.

3A Woman Marries the Man Who Blinded Her

Well, they say love is blind...

In 1959, New Yorker Bert Pugach was having an affair with Linda Riss. When she found out about his wife and child, she broke it off. Enraged and despondent, he hired three men to attack her, so they threw lye in her face, blinding and disfiguring her. The subsequent trial was sensational. Although he claimed that he acted out of love, the jury sentenced him to 15 years. Still, the two corresponded while he was in jail. Either moved by his devotion, wanting to punish him, or because she had nowhere else to turn, Bert and Linda married in 1974; she died in 2013. They wrote a book and appeared in a documentary aptly entitled Crazy Love.

She may have suffered from Stockholm Syndrome, falling in love with your abuser.

4A Man has Had Sex with 1000 Cars

Check out The "Love" Bug.

Having sex in the back seat of a car is one thing, but this guy is actually having sex WITH the back seat of a car! Edward Smith, a 57-year-old man, says that he's had sex with a thousand cars, but has settled down in a monogamous relationship with a white VW Beetle named Vanilla.

He may suffer from Objectum Sexualis, or falling in love with an inanimate object.

5Gamer Marries a Videogame Character

Here's the happy couple.

As Pee Wee Herman might say, “You love that video game so much, why don't you marry it?” Well, one player took that advice to heart. A 27-year-old man who goes by the name of Sal 9000 streamed what was described as a “semi-serious” wedding to Nene Anegasaki, a two-dimensional cartoon character that exists inside the Nintendo DS game Love Plus. Vows were exchanged, there was a DJ, and the ceremony ended with a kiss. Watch below!

He may suffer from Schediaphilia, or sexual arousal from a cartoon character.

6Woman Marries Man Convicted of Killing Her Twin Sister

Deadly Triangle: Johanna (left), Victor, and Edith

Victor Cingolani and Edith Casas are in love and got married, so why are the bride's family so upset? Because Victor was convicted of murdering Edith's twin sister Johanna, a former model, in 2010. Victor is currently serving 13 years for being a “willing participant” in Johanna's death, who was shot twice in the head days before her 20th birthday. The happy couple, who have been together since before the murder, swear he is innocent and he is currently appealing the case. “Victor is not a violent person and I'm not mad... We love each other,” the bride was quoted as saying. She was forced to go through psychological evaluations before the brief ceremony in front of a judge; Victor was quickly returned to his cell. Johanna's family have disowned her. “Edith is guilty of a terrible betrayal,” her mother said.

May suffer from: Hybristophilia, being aroused by a person known to commit violent acts (aka Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome)

7Twin Brothers Marry Twin Sisters and Have Twin Babies

Are you seeing double?

Twin brothers Craig and Mark Sanders met twin sisters Diane and Darlene Nettermeyer at the Twins Festival in Twinsberg, Ohio. Craig and Diane fell in love, and so did Mark and Darlene. Eventually, they got married in the same ceremony, moved into adjoining houses, and Diane and Craig had twin boys!

Monozygotic ("identical") twins occur in 33.3 per 1,000 US births. What are the odds of twins marrying twins and having twins? Consult your bookie.

8Woman Stalker Planned a Wedding with Her Victim

This brings new meaning to the term "surprise marriage."

One very important thing about a wedding is that it should occur between consenting adults. But that didn't stop Madeline Desmet, 64, from planning a wedding with a man she barely knew. Desmet met the man (who is unidentified) briefly at church in 2010 and was instantly lovestruck. However, the feeling was not mutual, in spite of the fact that she sent him 50 letters professing her “undying” love. Things got really weird/scary when the woman went so far as to plan a December wedding, setting up a date at the municipal court and even picking out rings for the occasion; the man was tipped off when the jeweler called him about payment.

She may suffer from Limerance, an overwhelming romantic obsession with an unfamiliar person, as well as Fatal Attraction syndrome.

9A Woman Marries a Dolphin

Meet Sharon Tendler and her husband Cindy. No, this isn't a gay marriage - Cindy is a boy... dolphin! It was the first interspecies "marriage" between a human and a porpoise. Ms. Tendler, an eccentric millionaire, met Cindy at an Israeli resort in the early 1990s and courted him for more than a dozen years. Finally, Cindy and Sharon were wed on December 28. 2005. Sadly, Cindy died in June the following year.

She may suffer from Zoophilia, or sexual activity with a non-human animal, as well as Bestiality.