13 Oddee-est Stories of 2013

1Florida Woman Renews Marriage Vows with a Ferris Wheel

Check out the blissful newlyweds, Linda and Bruce.

It was a happy day for Linda Lucharme of Gibstonton, Florida and her husband Bruce when they renewed their marriage vows this year. The one slightly unusual thing is that Bruce is a ferris wheel. Lucharme is said to be afflicted with objectum sexuality, a rare syndrome where people fall in love with inanimate objects. Bruce and Linda are officially married in the eyes of the state of Florida. The ceremony was conducted by a former Catholic priest who resigned from the Church because of the wedding. “I tie you flesh to steel,” he said to the happy couple. There was no word on where they spent the honeymoon.

2Mysterious Object Under Seattle Halts Tunneling

Check out Bertha and the boys.

While tunneling under Seattle to build a new highway, engineers hit something mysterious on December 6 which has ground the project to a halt. The world's largest tunnel-boring machine, nicknamed Bertha, was stopped dead in its tracks when it hit “the object” as it is known, preventing further forward progress. Is it a UFO, an ancient building, or just a giant boulder? No one knows yet, as the area is still filled with water and a crew has yet to be able to actually see what is going on. Even more intriguing is that "the object" is only 45 feet below the ground.

3Fake Interpreter at Mandela's Funeral

In a moment that was both surreal and tragic, the interpreter who was hired to perform sign language at Nelson Mandela's funeral turned out to be a fake. Standing next to world dignitaries, including President Obama, and translating for them, Thamsanqa Jantjie was just making random gestures that made no sense according to outraged deaf persons watching the event. Jantjie, who claimed to be schizophrenic, was charged with attempted murder and kidnapping in 2003. An investigation is ongoing to see how he got the prestigious job.

4 Students Find a “Secret Roommate”

“So that's who's been eating the Oreos...”

At first, residents of an old fixer-upper house near Ohio State University thought they had a ghost when cabinets and oven doors were regularly found left open. However, a subsequent investigation of the basement revealed a hidden bedroom behind a locked door that no one had been told about. Apparently, a fellow OSU student named Jeremy had been living there in secret. Jeremy was quickly evicted.

5Man Erects a Middle Finger Statue Next to His Ex-Wife's House

Alan Markovitz combined anger management with artistic expression when he moved next door to his ex-wife in a house located on Orchard Lake, Michigan and subsequently installed a statue of a middle finger in his front yard. It is pointed towards his new neighbor and illuminated by a spotlight at night. He says that he is over his ex but is still mad at her boyfriend, who he claims is “not being a man.”

6Chinese Bowl Bought for $3 Sells for $2.2 Million

This ceramic bowl was bought at a yard sale for $3 in 2007 and sat on a fireplace mantel for years. The owner (who declined to reveal their name) became curious about its origins this year, and soon discovered it was a rare bowl from the Northern Song Dynasty, which ruled China from 960 to 1127. The only other known bowl from the same era is at the British Museum. Southeby's auctioned the bowl for a cool $2.2 million. What's on your shelves?

7Game Show Gives Babies as Prizes

A new game show in Pakistan had a surprise gift for a few winning couples; instead of a new car, they got a newborn! The show is called Aman Ramazan hosted by Aamir Liaquat Hussain and is on seven hours a day during Ramadan. Like a traditional game show, people in the audience compete for prizes, but instead of pop culture they answer questions about the Quran. These couples had been seeking a child to adopt, but had no idea that they would be given one on live television. These children are actually abandoned babies left in the streets to die, so while it may be an odd prize, is still a "win-win" scenario for the babies and the parents.

8Woman Struck by Lightning Twice... in a Supermarket

Look at the spot where the lightning hit.

Getting struck by lightning once is already a statistical anomaly... but what about twice, and in a supermarket? That's what happened to Lakeisha Brooks, who was shopping in a Louisiana supermarket when she heard a pop, saw a large flash, and had the feeling of “hot oil running down her leg” as she was zapped two times in a row while waiting in the checkout line. The lightning was thought to have traveled through the sprinkler system in order to strike the woman. The odds of getting struck by lightening once are already 1 in 6,250, and no weather expert had ever heard of it happening inside a store. It's too bad she didn't buy a lottery ticket.

9Man's Gut Brews Its Own Beer

A 61-year-old Texas man was thought to be a closet boozer, but it turns out he is a walking brewery. The man would mysteriously become intoxicated at public functions, including church. His wife, a nurse, gave him a breathalyzer and it once read .4 percent, five times the legal limit. After a hospital stay where doctors monitored his intake, he was discovered to have a very rare condition called Auto-Brewery or Gut Fermentation Syndrome. Basically, due to certain bacteria which are present in his stomach, it was periodically churning out beer and getting him smashed. He was treated with antibiotics which shut the factory down before Budweiser could come calling.

10Nik Wallenda Tightropes Across the Grand Canyon

In case you missed it, 2013 was the year that featured a new world record. Nik Wallenda, a seventh-generation member of the 200-year-old acrobat troupe “The Flying Wallendas,” tightrope walked 1,400 feet across a 1,500-foot-high section of the Grand Canyon on a 2-inch steel cable with no safety net or harness. This was the first time anyone had ever performed such a feat. Wallenda is on a bit of a tear - last year he crossed Niagra Falls. Watch the video:

11US Treasury Reimburses a Family After Money was Eaten by Their Dog

This came out of Sundance's butt...

While on a trip to visit their daughter with the family dog, Wayne Klinke and his wife stopped at a diner to grab a quick bite. When they returned to the car 45 minutes later, they realized that their dog had grabbed a bite, too - out of his wallet. The dog, Sundance, had managed to open a secret compartment in the car and eat five $100 bills that had been stored there. After following Sundance around for several days, Klinke was able to retrieve most of the pieces by going through the poop with rubber gloves. The US Treasury, which says that they reimburse damaged bills as long as they are 51% complete, was true to their word and sent the Klinkes a check for $500.

12Banana Boat in Legal Limbo

Day-old! Daaaay old. Del Monte Fresh Produce sued the Netherlands-based Seatrade Group when a cargo of 110,000 overripe bananas that they ordered arrived in New Jersey. Del Monte claims that the bananas were not kept at the correct temperature, causing them to spoil, but Seatrade denies the charges. In the meantime, the “evidence,” aka the rotting bananas, have been ordered to remain on the boat in port while the lawyers duke it out.

13Man Plots with His Wife to Have Himself Murdered

A man from Winder, Georgia tried to prove that his wife was out to kill him by posing as her boyfriend. Texting her and using the name “Don Juan,” the husband convinced his wife that he knew people who could have him killed. A series of messages ensued, in which his wife and “Don Juan” plotted the deed and even agreed to split the insurance. Once he felt that he had enough evidence, the husband went to the Barrow County Sheriff's Department and had a deputy read the texts. The deputy informed the man that this is called “entrapment” and advised him to stop harassing his wife or get a restraining order if he truly feared for his life.