9 Most Shocking Teen Fads

1Condom Snorting

Just when you think teenagers have gotten so bizarre that they can't come up with anything new to shock their parents, a new fad emerges called "condom snorting," where teens nasally ingest prophylactics and pull them out of their mouths.

Though videos surfaced online as early as October 2012, the challenge recently picked up speed with one YouTube user's post, where a girl completes the challenge while blasting Taylor Swift's "22" in the background -- probably not what the singer had in mind when she wrote the song.

2French Fries Parties

It's the new party craze that will make nutritionists despair. Teenagers are ordering dozens of cartons of McDonald's French Fries, spreading them in a giant pile across the table on trays, and then digging right in. Then, they take pictures of their "potato party" and post them on Facebook, Twitter and blogs to show the world that they aren't afraid of carbohydrates, fat, or salt.

It started in Japan when McDonald's ran a promotion advertising that all french fry sizes were £1. However, it has arrived in Korea and is spreading Westward.

3Butt Chugging

"Butt-Chugging" is the act of ingesting alcohol through one's rectum via a tube. Once in your rectum, the alcohol is absorbed through the mucus membrane. Apparently, college kids enjoy this method of drinking because it increases the speed with which alcohol enters the bloodstream, thereby quickening the intoxication process. The process is not only terribly disgusting, but it's also very dangerous, potentially causing extreme drunkenness as well as injuries to the rectum.

In 2012, a fraternity brother from Pi Kappa Alpha at the University of Tennessee was sent to the emergency room with a blood alcohol level of more than .4 percent (p.s. that's five times the legal limit) following a butt-chugging session. At this level, most people lose consciousness and some die. A blood alcohol content of .45 percent or higher is often fatal. The male student was alright and back in class, but the fraternity was suspended for 30 days.

4Cinnamon Challenge

Are you tempted to take the "cinnamon challenge?" Beware! You can end up on a ventilator if you try to pull this one off.

For those who are wondering what the "cinnamon challenge" is, it's daring someone to swallow a spoonful of ground cinnamon in 60 seconds without water, and then uploading the video on the Internet. The fad has become a rage among youngsters in recent years.

Thousands of videos on YouTube show people swallowing spoonfuls of cinnamon powder. Most of the videos show people coughing, choking, and scrambling for a bottle of water as their friends watch and laugh at their agony. One of the videos has more than 30 million views.

5Salt & Ice Challenge

A new teen fad called "the salt and ice challenge" is drawing crowds on social networking sites and YouTube. However, like other teen "challenges," it has proven to be dangerous, and health care experts are telling parents to talk to their kids about the risks.

In Pittsburgh, a 12-year-old boy will spend the summer recovering as a result of having a large cross burned into his back by his twin brother and a pal as part of this newest challenge.

For the challenge, tweens and teens put salt on their skin and then press ice into it to see who can tolerate the pain the longest. The longer the ice is pressed into the salt, the more serious the injury. When ice is mixed with salt the temperature drops to -17, and exposing skin and bones to this temperature is really painful. If this is done for an extended period of time, it has the potential to badly burn the skin and rupture the bones.

6 Sack Tapping

Sack tapping doesn't sound too ominous, does it? The innocence ends there, however, for the object of this game is for boys to withstand being flicked, hit or punched in the groin as a testament to their strength. While typical of the teenage boy mentality, no thought was given to adverse effects. When one 14-year-old boy ended up having to endure a testicle amputation, the insidious nature of the game soon emerged in the media.

On May 28, 2010, 14-year-old David Gibbons from Cosby, Minnesota, who had been the victim of the new fad known as sack tapping, ended up in the ER in the early hours of the morning. Having endured a punch to the groin from a fellow student at school, the teenager was awakened several hours later by excruciating pain.

Things did not end well for David, who ended up having one of his testicles amputated. Unfortunately, sack tapping has become the new "fad" in schools nationwide and is even making the rounds at YouTube.com, where "sack tap circles" host actual competitions.

7Blood Sucking, Vampire Style

Parents beware, because the hickey or love bite is taking on a whole new meaning. The influx of vampire movies and TV series appears to have presented teenagers with a new idea for a fad. U.S. teens are getting their fix by biting one another hard enough to draw blood in order to drink it. Perhaps they don't know that a human mouth has a total of 101 known types of bacteria, worse than any cat or dog. As if this isn't bad enough, can anyone say hepatitis or HIV? Doctors say that, typically, 10 to 15 percent of human bite wounds become infected.

8Oral Roulette

It's a game featuring one male and as many females as you can find. Each girl takes a turn sucking the guy's dick for a short period of time, usually just as long as she can, and then stops, while all the other girls try to stimulate the male causing him to ejaculate into her mouth, thus making her the loser.

It's also known as French Roulette.

9Google Earth Pool Crashing

The latest craze for teenagers with no place to go except Facebook is "dipping," or gatecrashing someone else's swimming pool. Putative trespassers select their swimming pool by using Google Earth, and then notify their mates using social networking sites. The would-be revelers often turn up in fancy dress and are advised to bring a bike (for a swift getaway). Owners only discover that their pool has been dipped when they find a bunch of beer cans floating on the surface the next morning.