Top 10 Unique Ways to Stay Alive While Lost in an Uninhabited Part of Africa

Africa is one of the most beautiful places in the world and has been for centuries, with some exotic forests and safaris. People have managed to survive here during all that time, and while some may be used to it, others attempting to do so can have some difficulty.

There are several ways one can get lost in Africa, and once you do, you are in immediate danger. If you are not prepared, you will die. There is no sugar coating it. There are a lot of easy things we may think about, like calling for help, making a fire, and drinking some water. Then you'll be fine.

Those three things, while ideal, aren't always as cut and dry as they appear. Sometimes you need to be resourceful, and trust me when I tell you that I've got you covered. They may seem bizarre, but these ideas will work.

1Cell Phone Fire

When you're in the wild there can be an issue when it comes to lighting a fire. Even though Africa has a lot of good materials that are normally dry, the easiest thing to do is use your cell phone to help.

If your cell is dead, broken, or waterlogged, this obviously means you cannot use it to call for help. We're in a survival situation after all, people. However, you can still use it to help you. Normally, using materials around you to start a fire is the ideal thing, so this would be a last resort sort of thing, of course.

But what if you're injured or need something quickly? Then the cell fire is ideal. This can work anywhere at any time, especially in Africa where a fire's importance increases exponentially at night.

The way it works is simple; you use the battery in the back. You open it up with a knife and it will instantly start to get warm as you expose it to some air.

Once the coating is off, you then get that knife of yours right inside it to begin the chemical reaction. It has materials that will instantly catch on fire once exposed to the air after you cut through. Now, you have to be careful with some batteries because they have been known to explode.

Also, when you get it started you want to stay on the opposite side of the smoke, since it's chemical smoke.

This video from Man vs. Wild will pretty much show you how to do it.

2Elephant Dung

I'll be honest; in Africa everything is not always wonderful. Surviving here, alone or with a group, can be tough. However, things such as elephant dung have several benefits.

Primarily, when you light it on fire it'll smoke for a long period of time, and help start future fires. The smoke also keeps away African mosquitoes that carry deadly diseases. Sometimes, you can even find drinking water in it.
It's not the most ideal way to get some water, but hey, do what you have to do, right?

I've even heard of African tribes using the dung as a facial moisturizer to help their skin. I don't know how true that is, but can you say EWW?!?

3Use of Animal Carcass

I'm not going to lie, people. This one is not my favorite on the list but, Dear Lord Baby Jesus, can it be helpful. Finding an animal such as a dead lion or buffalo in Africa provides several resources. First and foremost, if it's a fresh death then you can use it for food. Chances are that another animal beat you to it, though. You can use the bones, skin, and fur for tools, as well.

Bone is especially helpful in weapons and traps. If the animal is big enough, I've heard of people sleeping inside them to keep warm at night when they couldn't get a fire ready. So yeah, it's not the most ideal one here. However, to say it's not useful would be wrong.

4Use of a Tampon

Alright, women are looking at this and thinking, "You've got to be kidding me, man," while men are saying, "Well, this doesn't help me at all." I know, and I get that.

However, most women carry these when they go on trips, especially if they are not sure when they will start their period. Most of the time tampons will be an added thing when you go on a trip in the African area, which is where we are lost. So having one of these would not be crazy, in fact, I'd say a high percentage of women would.

How do they work for you, though? Well, they can help carry liquid. As you know, they are built to help prevent certain things from going other places….if you know what I mean. They can carry a bit of liquid from one point to another, but they are not the most ideal thing to use for it. They are also helpful as tools and carrying devices. However, one of its main functions would be for starting fires.

Tampons take a spark really well due to its fibers, making it highly flammable. So, you can use things like a knife and a rock to get a spark, which may not help with most things like wood, but there is a higher chance a tampon will start to flame up. So yeah, tampons are useful materials around the house. Who knew? Did I just give men an idea for a prank on their girlfriends? Oh well.

5African Solider Ants

These things HURT! African Solider Ants are no joke, either. When they pinch you, you feel it for days. However, you might want them to bite you. Say what?!? Well, if you have an open cut or wound, chances are you will be risking an infection, and these things can basically serve as stitches.

You pick them up and have them bite in a particular spot, then take the body off leaving just the head. The big pinchers stick in skin far enough that they will stay for some time. The head will not let up until you remove it. So it could stay sealed long enough to keep you from getting an infection while out trying to survive. But be warned, it stinks like a motha!

6Kola Nut

This is one of my favorites on the list because it can be found all over Africa, but mostly in the Western portion. It is basically caffeine for you to use. It's a common ingredient in colas. It can help coat the throat and help the bronchioles, preventing throat issues in the wild. Trust me, that can be extremely important.

It can also help curb hunger pains, which can be extreme at times. Ideally, if you can find one of these it may help in a life or death situation, at least psychologically. Always remember that your head can kill you faster than your body. Any psychological aid can help you live longer than expected.

7Baobab Tree or "Tree of Life"

The Baobab Tree (also referred to as Adansonia) is considered the Garden of Eden for survivors. This tree has been known to keep people alive for long periods of time due to all that it provides. It has the ability to give water, firewood, shelter, and even food. The best thing is that it keeps producing these things, which means it can offer long term aid.

African Tribes called it "the tree of life" due to all of these materials and it caught on throughout the African area. There are only a few in the African mainland area, so it takes a lot of luck to run across one. But when you do, someone above likes you. You will survive with all of this material. Just don't fall out of the tree.

8Buchu Plant

The Buchu Plant, often referred to as Agathosma, is a wonderful plant that normally grows in the South African area. However, reports have shown that it has been seen in other areas across the continent. Medicine men typically carry it throughout the area, as well. Its basic function is highly helpful to people. It is known to help with gastrointestinal and urinary tract issues, which, in the wild, can be highly helpful.

Buchu Tea was very big years ago in the area and is still seen today. You can create a similar thing with the leaves and water. Some find the smell to be a bit weird while others find it peaceful. But the cool part is that it'll open up those sinuses. Decongestant supreme here!

9Caralluma plant

This plant is another favorite of the African Tribes. It grows all over Africa and Asia. The coolest thing about this plant really would be all of its uses. Now this is a mouthful, so forgive me if it's a long list. It's known to help treat inflammation, headaches, joint pain, fevers, leprosy, paralysis, malaria, and even diabetes.

Oh yeah, and it can help with hunger pains. You know, 'cause it's just good like that. So, it would be an important one to find, I'd say. Literally, this can be a life or death tool for you.


There are several Geraniums worldwide, and you may even have some in your backyard. However, did you know there are many that help you out? Geraniums tend to grow in the South African area, but like other plants they have found their way to other parts of the continent. What does it do for you?

Well, its main focus is the sinuses. It can help with your throat and even help with things such as diarrhea. The best thing about this plant is that it has been known to help with infections in these areas after a few days of repeated use. This means that you could survive something that could be a killer infection, if you treat it quickly with this stuff. Cool, huh?