8 Hilarious Facebook Graph Searches

24 hours since launch, there were more than a quarter of a million visitors. Articles appeared in The Guardian, Forbes, Slate, TechCrunch, Mashable, Gawker, the Huffington Post, and — easily sending more traffic than any of them — Le Monde. The front page of Hacker News featured it for most of the day, too, plus there were pieces on Kottke and my old flame Metafilter, and dozens more besides. All this for half a dozen amusing screenshots. Take a look at the hottest tumblr in town, Actual Facebook Graph Searches, created by Tom Scott.

1Married people who like Prostitutes

You can even meet their spouses!

2Mothers of Jews who like Bacon

3Current employers of people who like Racism

Think of that for your next job interview.

4Spouses of married people who like Ashley Madison

That's embarrassing. For those who don't know, Ashley Madison is a cheat-on-your-partner dating website.

5Single women who live nearby and who are interested in men and like Getting Drunk

Nice way to find a date.

6Mothers of Catholics from Italy who like Durex

The Pope wouldn't approve that.

7People who like Focus on the Family and Neil Patrick Harris

Focus on the Family: anti-gay marriage.
Neil Patrick Harris: very gay and due to be married with kids.

8Current employees of Tesco who like horses

[Non-British people: click here to understand this joke]