10 Coolest Flip-up T-Shirts You Can Actually Buy

They look like ordinary and rather plain T-shirts. However, flip over the front and pull them over your head and... instantly become a zombie, a T-Rex or a Ninja. Buy them at CrazyDog's Cool T-Shirts.

1T-Rex Flip-up T-Shirt

They thought they were extinct, but they can come back anytime. Just flip the t-shirt over your head and instantly become a T-rex.

2Ninja Disguise Flip-up T-shirt

Everyone's got a little Ninja inside...so show the people your stuff. When you flip up the bottom of this tee, you become a ninja of the night.

3Zombie Flip-up T-Shirt

Prepare for the zombie invasion with the zombie disguise shirt- Pop this on and you'll blend right in with the walking dead...they'll think you're one of them.

4Mustache Flip-up T-Shirt

I mustache you a question... are you a gentleman? Well, this flip-up shirt has a mustache on the flip side of the shirt so you can easily look like a real gentleman now.

5"Ask Me About My Face Hugger" Flip-Up Shirt

Ask me about my face hugger and you'll get a big surprise! What a great Alien t-shirt with a twist.

6Leprechaun Flip-Up T-Shirt

Our little friend is here and March is his favorite time of year. Why, you ask? Because he's comin' to get all yer gold! This funny Flip-Up Leprechaun shirt will be the first out of your closet every St. Patrick's Day.

7"Ask Me About My Booty" Flip-Up T-Shirt

Argh matey! Show me your booty and I'll show ya mine! This flip-up shirt features a pirate face on the underside of the shirt for a surprise when someone asks about your Booty.

8"Ask Me About My Nuts" Flip-Up T-Shirt

This Flip-Up tee is totally... well, nuts.

9Raptor Flip-Up T-Shirt

Be the quickest dinosaur in town just by flipping your shirt up.

10Bigfoot Flip-Up T-Shirt

Constantly hiking through the wilds of Oregon trying to find the elusive Bigfoot? Don't be embarrassed by your lack of hard evidence, you can always use your Bigfoot Flip-up shirt to show everyone where Bigfoot really is.