15 Creative Candle Holders

This candlestick is a perfect replica of Darth Vader's lightsaber – other than the part where it stands up on your dining table and holds a candle instead of emitting a plasma blade. Other than that, it's identical.

The cool Abra Candelabra from designers Alberto Mantilla and Anthony Baxter turns the traditional candlestick inside out. This inverse hand-blown glass candle holder uses a unique negative space design to suspend a candle seemingly in mid air.

Mummy, Skeleton hands candle holders, perfect for the buffet table at party time, or on your mantle or in a bathroom, to name a few! What a great addition to your Halloween decorations.

Little Joseph is a little creepy ass porcelain candle holder. As the candle melts it drips wax onto his face because, I don't know if you knew this about him, but little Joseph has been a very, VERY bad boy. Was that not creepy as shit?

What an awesome, original gift for newlyweds, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and all occasions where love brings hearts together. Connect looks like a candelabra, but is actually two crystal candlesticks designed to embrace and, when they do, form a heart as one. The very glass seems to effervesce with warmth and happiness. Who on your list will love Connect? Designer: Kjell Engman.

So cute!

This Pipe Candlestick is a fine, dapper and slightly quirky accessory for your home! It's gold plated metal with an antique finish.

This TF2 custom model made by Quasimodox is a replica of the Pyro character in Team Fortress 2. The cool Pyro model is made of sculpturing compound and the part that amazes me is the detailed work on the weapon and fuel tank. In the game it burns up stuff in its path and now it turns into a neat candle holder. Hot stuff!

Let this wise old tree ($15.92) illuminate your room while it tells you tales during the night.

Candlesticks design fail.

A Black Forest Decor Exclusive - Two detailed resin bears dance under the light of taper candle holders in the Black Forest-style Dancing Bear Candle Holder with a dark walnut finish.

Atari candleholder.

Big and chunky porcelain candle holder - with "TNT" in red on one side and "BOMB" in red on the reverse. A great item for the home and a must for anyone who remembers those classic Looney Tunes cartoons of yesteryear.

Funny and creepy anatomical spine candle holder.