Another 12 Creative Bras

It might not be the sexiest lingerie around, but this angry birds bra could be the geekiest. And of course, this could be a little dangerous for the ladies out there, as one of your breasts are likely to start attacking the other at any given time.

Japanese lingerie maker Triumph is known for their annual concept-brassiere for public relations, always unique and sometimes weird. This time, on the eve of introduction of the citizen judge system in Japan, they've made a "Citizen Judge System Bra" to raise awareness.

Japan has one of the world's most rapidly aging populations and has inspired Triumph to create this bizarre underwear. The Birthrate Bra has a right cup with four smiling children helping one old lady and a left cup with two kids suffering to support the old granny.

In a series called “Wallflowers”, artist Laura Jacobs made a series of bras decorated in different themes, often nautical ones, such as this crab one shown here.

Now men can stare at their two favorite things at the same time: sports and boobs.

Headlight Bra – it can light up a room, literally.

Optical illusion bra.

Meet the talking bra. You push the gold button (as seen in picture) and the bra says different greetings and stuff. This bra speaks three languages – English, Chinese and Korean, welcoming tourists who step foot onto Japan! Another jewel from Triumph.

Zombie bra.

Faucet bra.

Babies bra.