10 Creepiest Dolls Ever

It may very well eat you. With horns included.

Artist Jon Beinart creates bizarre yet fascinating doll sculptures he called "Toddlerpedes". He started out by assembling creatures from doll torsos, limbs and heads in order to amuse himself and his friends. Over the years Toddlerpedes evolved to imitate insects and mythological creatures.

Creepy Michael Jackson doll.

Dolls have always been collectors' items and things of fascination. Some people love them, some people think they are creepy little things… artist Olivier Pauwels has gone one step further and created a collection of dolls crossed with machinery that are so creepy they make your skin crawl a little.

Mable has Pfeiffer syndrome. According to the artist, “Although based on real-life medical conditions, this series represents my own imaginative responses to the unique beauty of those born different and human diversity in general. They are works of imaginative mythology that I hope will help people to find and appreciate the beauty of the ‘strange' and unfamiliar and to celebrate the many faces of humankind.”

Two-headed doll.

Ryan Thomas created these beautiful and slightly bizarre doll sculptures for an accessories shoot. They are incredibly simple, with paper mache pasted on top of an old doll. But hell, they are cool in a creepy kind of way.

This three-faced- doll was the one that inspired the post. It belongs to Tammie V. who told us her husband has been afraid of this doll for twenty years, and she has had it for about 41 years.

Scary Stoma doll, for practising purpose.

Doll with teeth.