10 Creative Umbrella Designs You Can Buy

Think like a knight and slay the rain with this awesome Broad Style Sword Umbrella ($35).This 36" full length umbrella with a beautiful broadsword handle will help you destroy inclement weather. It even comes with a sheath with carrying strap. Precipitation, your day has come!

Turn those dreary, rainy days into something with a little more style. This stunning umbrella is printed with a bright pink daisy ($24) to add a little cheer to your walk in the rain. A breathtaking work of art!

MoMA's witty umbrella ($38) with an eternally cheerful sky is known and enjoyed throughout the world. Designed by EFM for the Museum with the cloud by Tibor Kalman's.

Get ready to hop around in the rain! Rain doesn't go away! This fun child umbrella with a happy frog face ($9.50) and pop up eyes folds down with a Velcro wrap strap. It is sure to brighten any child's day.

Sport Brella ($55) sun shelter for the entire family, 8 ft wide, all season shelter, perfect for any event.

Stroll the streets of Paris while looking more chic than the locals! This elegant parasol is great for sun and is also a functional umbrella for rain ($32).

Funny umbrella golf fishing costume party ($1.99) sun shade hat.

Stroll along a tree shaded sidewalk and remember days of yesteryear ($49.99). This decadent parasol features layers upon layers of lace trimmed with ribbon on every other spoke.

This unique umbrella has a special holder ($10.99) that fits comfortably over your shoulder and under your arm so you can keep both hands free in the rain to easily carry babies, groceries, packages, suitcases, etc.