12 Funniest Bridesmaids

Sponge Bob isn't the best tattoo pick for a bridesmaid.

French kissing the bridesmaid instead of the groom isn't a good idea either...

Were their dresses made to match the curtains or was it the other way around?

Good advice: don't ask that cousin with drinking problems to be your bridesmaid. It never ends well.

No, they will never ever be able to wear it again.

Thank God disco days are over.

If the bride was truly your best friend she would never ask you to wear something like this.

That's a wedding I wouldn't like to crash. Nice flip flops.

A bride usually wants to put the focus on herself. How's that supposed to happen when her bridesmaids' dresses were inspired by troll dolls and look like giant, poofy tie-dye disasters?

Australian couple has a kangaroo as bridesmaid on their wedding day. Gilly Richardson and John Hughes were married in front of 80 guests on their sprawling family farm.