10 Funny Pics of Wax Museum Mischief

Wax museums can be a lot of fun, especially if you go armed with a camera and a good sense of humor! Here are ten hilarious photos of people goofing around with their favorite "celebrities."

1Nicolas Cage

This guy has mastered Nic's intense stare!

2Franklin D. Roosevelt

She's just giving him a gentle nudge... down the stairs.

3The Terminator


4Stevie Wonder

Ebony and Ivory....


Just making sure that he's really the Man of Steel.

6Leonard Bernstein

Say "ahhhhhhhh!"

7Mikhail Gorbachev

Hold on, Gorby... you've got some jam on your head.

8Siegfried and Roy

9"Jack" from Titanic

They're the kings of the world!

10James Brown