10 Creative Candy Dispensers You Can Actually Buy

1 M&M's Statue of Liberty Candy Dispenser

M&M's Green as the Liberty Enlightening the World, commonly known as the Statue of Liberty. Now you can enjoy the freedom of delicious M&M's chocolate candy with this Ms. Liberty Dispenser ($39.99).

2Wii Candy Dispenser

For those of you with a sweet tooth and an undying love for the Wii, what better way to satisfy both needs than with a Wii-mote that shoots out bubble gum smarties?! Even labeled with the Official Nintendo Seal, this
Wii Klik-On Candy Dispenser ($24.50) by Au'Some Candies will fool most into thinking it is just a regular Wii-mote for getting your Wii game on. Once you pick up one of these bad boys and you press the back button, a colorful candy will come your way. So maybe it doesn't have motion sensing capabilities like the real controller, but it is a great candy container in disguise.

3 M&M's Candy Dispenser at the Movies in 3-D

Official M&M's Brand Limited Edition Collectible ($45). Red and Yellow are at the movies with their very own 3-D glasses! The eye-popping 3-D movie gets a thumbs-up from Red and scares Yellow right out of his shell!

4NFL Green Bay Packers Football Dispenser

You're sitting watching your favorite team on the television and you reach over for a quick snack or candy, with a quick push of a lever you fill your hand with your favorite little snack. This Football Shaped Dispenser ($15) is the perfect addition to your sports parties.

5 M&M's Slot Machine Candy Dispenser

This M&M Slot Machine ($39.98) chocolate candy dispenser comes directly from Las Vegas. You and your family will have a great time filling the dispenser with delectable candies and then watching the wheels roll as you pull the arm until the candies fall on the tray.

6Gumball Machine Frame Pink

This Pink Gumball Machine Frame ($25) is as thin as a picture frame and is a perfect way to add some sweetness to any room! A novel accent and fun conversation piece to any child's room!

7M&M's Toy Airplane Chocolate Candy Dispenser Plastic

Lift wing man Yellow from his precarious position and fill the biplane with M&Ms or other small, unwrapped candies. Give the propeller a spin, and it dispenses a handful of candy on the wing--and pilot Red gives that a big "thumbs-up!" High-flying fun! ($24.95)

8Animal Pooping Candy Dispenser Set

Panda Bear Pooper, Baa Humbug Sheep Pooper, Bearly Behind Pooper and the main man himself, Santa Claus, who dispenses candy ($23.99) from his Santa Sack. Perfect Stocking Stuffers!

9M&M's Military Vehicle Candy Dispenser Jeep

This Military Jeep ($49.94) has Blue and Red in the seats and Yellow hiding under the hood. Candy dispenses into tray. Headlights light up and engine revs up.

10M&M's Juke Box Candy Dispenser

In this M&M's Collectible Rock & Roll Juke Box Candy Dispenser ($49.99) put your M&Ms in the chute at the back and press the silver button on top to have them tumbling out into the tray at the bottom!