10 Strangest Toothpastes

1Nastiest Toothpaste

The Twin Lotus Original Herbal Toothpaste combines two things I'm scared of when it comes to products to review — it's herbal, and it looks like something that might come out of an asshole. Made in Thailand.

2Chocolate Toothpaste

In 2005, Unilever Philippines marketed a limited edition of chocolate flavored fluoride toothpaste. Closeup Flavalicious toothpaste in Choco Loco might not be as strange as it sounds, however: The research of Tulane University doctoral candidate Arman Sadeghpour shows that an extract of cocoa powder protects teeth, and is in fact, more effective than fluoride when it comes to cavity prevention.

3Bacon Toothpaste

Bacon is getting to be a plenty popular thing, and everybody is coming up with bacon products that have sprawled out from just the dining table. With this toothpaste you can clean those pearly whites with bacon-flavoured toothpaste and have a long-lasting fresh breath of bacon. It may not look very appetizing, but it has that lovely porky taste and smell of everybody's favorite bacon!

4Whiskey Toothpaste

The ultimate he-man toothpaste, flavored with scotch or bourbon. The night-before feeling on the morning after.

5Two Way Toothpaste

A two way toothpaste, ideal for those who get angry with their partner for squeezing the toothpaste from the front. Simply open the other end and squeeze from the back as demonstrated below. Also quite useful for getting the last of the paste out of the bottom.

6Monkey Brand Black Toothpaste

Close your eyes and imagine this. Charcoal, ground to a fine powder. Vicks Vapor Rub, in all its eye watering, nasal clearing goodness. Now imagine these two things together, in your mouth! Sure, at first imagining, Charcoal plus Vicks Vapor Rub may not sound too appetizing; and I will admit that it is an acquired taste. Once you have acquired the taste though, and the ability to stomach the gritty, dry, gagging texture, you have a toothpaste that gets your mouth clean like no other. It is a bit like sandblasting the gunk off your teeth. They are really squeaky clean after the rinse. And believe it or not, it is both a whitening toothpaste and an Ayurvedic Medicine! Oh Monkey Brand has its down side, the spatter of black dried spit that coats the sink and walls, the aforementioned texture and the container that is strangely hard to open.

7E-mail Diamant Rouge Toothpaste

This weird toothpaste called Email Diamant Rouge is French, and apparently, it's been around since 1893. Guess teeth whitening isn't such a modern phenomenon. The toothpaste is dark red, has an intense clove/licorice/mint taste, and gives the most immediate brightening effect ever witnessed from a toothpaste. Supposedly the secret is that it coats your teeth with natural light-reflective particles, making them sparkly yet somehow not red, while staining your gums--and, unfortunately, your tongue and your toothbrush--pinker so your teeth seem crisper-white in contrast. The drawbacks? It's expensive and messy, turning everything in its path hot pink. Watching the neon water swirl down the drain is kind of fun, though.

8Champagne Toothpaste

If you prefer Champagne rather than whiskey, this toothpaste is perfect for you. You can have this toothpaste with Champagne flavour for $10/each. Surprise your friends with this unique gift.

9Black Japanese Toothpaste

I can think of many uses for everyday charcoal. From art to making myself a burger on the grill, it is definitely useful. However, when I first saw that Korea had Charcoal Toothpaste, I was a little taken aback. Black in color, go figure, it uses the cleaning power and absorption of odor to help clean your mouth and “neutralize the poisons from the body.” I guess someone figured if it is good enough to filter your water then it is good enough to clean your teeth. Japan has had charcoal toothpaste since 2003 when Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals released Sumigaki.

10Ice Cream Toothpaste

Tanner's Tasty Paste wants your mouth to smell like ice cream. Created by Pediatric Dentist, Janelle Holden, her goal was to make a toothpaste that makes brushing teeth a pleasant experience for kids. This stuff tastes great. There's 3 flavors to choose from, Banilla Bling, Cha Cha Chocolate, and Blingsicle, which tastes like Orange and Vanilla ice cream. There's no artificial colors, flavors, Saccharin or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in Tanners Tasty Paste and best of all, your kids will look forward to brushing their teeth. For the little ones, they make Baby Bling, which is fluoride free, so it's safe to swallow.