Another 10 Far-out Valentine’s Gifts

1Candy Nipple Tassels

The kinkier couples will love these edible nipple tassels ($4.65) made with candies.

2USB Jewelry

For geek fashion girlfriends, this stylish necklace and USB drive ($29.99).

350 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours

If this year you are feeling underappreciated by your girlfriend and she is becoming demanding and complains too much, perhaps you should give her this book, entitled 50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours ($11.66). After meeting Thrifty, who thinks taking you out to Chuck E Cheese is charming; Goth Guy, who borrows your make-up; Large Pet Owner, who wears his Python around the house, she may appreciate the nice guy you are.

4The girlfriend pillow

If you and your man are miles away and he can't sleep unless he has some breast to support his head upon, this could be the perfect gift for him. In addition The girlfriend pillow ($9.99) has an extension like a woman's arm's shape that emulates the body contours of a female body.

5Heart Sky Flying Lanterns

Set your love free… literally, with a pair of Heart Sky Flying Lanterns ($35.29). The Heart Lanterns are an embodiment of the love between you and your partner, so set them free into the sky as you both hold hands and gaze adoringly at each other.

6Heart Shaped Bathtub

Probably not the first time you've seen a heart shaped Jacuzzi tub, but have you actually been in one? Doubtful. So what are you waiting for? If you've ever tried to have a romantic Valentine's Day rendezvous in a jacuzzi tub with two people, you know how uncomfortable a standard tub can be. But the heart shaped design, at "just" $2,363.99, makes it quite special—and a little bit sexy—for two lovebirds.

7Ring For Sex Bell

In this age of complicated technology, you can communicate the simplest way possible with this ingenious Ring For Sex Bell ($7.99)! This bell will let your partner know just what mood you're in! One ring for 'Ready Now!' Two rings for 'Be Quick!' Three rings if you're desperate!

8"Touch My Heart" Bath Towel

What a better way to end your bath together with these towels with suggestive messages ($39.90)?

9Grow A Boyfriend

Is a friend of yours an ultimate single and always complains about it? With this gift ($2.99) she can grow herself a boyfriend. All she has to do is place it in water and Mr Right will grow 600% his size.

10"Love and hugs" salt & pepper shaker set

The very nature of this set ($19.75) connotes love, making it a perfect gift for your loved one!