10 Amazing Prefab Houses

1Adex eco-friendly house

ADEX, made from an eco-friendly interlocking system of prefabricated pieces, is another self-sufficient house that works out perfectly on an off-grid living. ADEX is easy to install anywhere as it has the ability to adopt its different site to eventually meet the changing needs of its surroundings, being capable of collecting renewable resources. The triangular pre-fab pieces are also easily disassembled by the time the owners are willing and ready to move to other places. What makes this prefabricated housing a sustainable one is its photovoltaic panels, solar heaters, rainwater storage, and greywater recycling. Aside from that, the system itself is also composed of recycled waste materials. It was designed by Alberto Lara and Paula Noguron.

2Soe Ker Tie Hias (Butterfly House)

TYIN Tegnestue is a non-profit group of student architects which recently designed these unusual wood prefab houses in Noh Bo, Tak, Thailand. The house, called Soe Ker Tie Hias (the Butterfly Houses), is named for its innovative flip-up roof design that enables effective natural ventilation while collecting rainwater for re-use. These eco-friendly prefab homes are clad in locally harvested bamboo, and the material is woven using a traditional method on the front and rear facades that appears commonly in other homes and crafts done in the area.

3Dome House

Dubbed the "habitat for the 21st century," the Dome House, made by Japan's Dome House Co., is an igloo-shaped structure built from snap-together wall sections made of 100% expanded polystyrene foam (styrofoam). The houses, which have many configurations and sizes to select from, are made with a material that is easy to assemble, will not rot or attract insects, and acts as its own insulation. The flame-retardant walls can burn, but do not emit toxic fumes if they do.


Minimum spaces are no excuse for bad taste. A good example is this sophisticated living small house design from Trebnje, Slovenia, called the ConHouse, where a two-story prefab mini home is assembled out of two perpendicularly positioned containers, one atop the other.

5Youmeheshe's organic prefab house

Youmeheshe architects presented at the London Pecha Kucha event their small but tall ‘organic house' — a wood pre-fab prototype that was Youmeheshe's answer to a British-government challenge last year for architects to design an affordable house for under £60,000. This bio-fueled, wood-clad house that “touches the ground lightly” has a design that uses a kit of parts – for example a level could be a whole floor or a loft depending on the size of the household – to assemble a house floor-by-floor. The highest models were a 4 room, 4 story house.

6Homestead House

The Homestead House is an off-grid prefab concept made from recycled steel by designer Michael Jantzen. The house makes use of prefabricated, commercially available steel which makes it both low in cost and extremely modular. In fact, it makes the size and shape of the structure completely customizable - not to mention really tough! And the house is fully recyclable as it can be easily torn down and erected in a different location.

7Arctic's House Boat

Winter shelter in the Arctic can take form in an upside down hunting boat – a traditional Inuit practice. Covey Island Boatworks, award winning builders of hand-crafted yachts, power and sailboats, has brought that idea into dry dock developing a prototype wood and epoxy prefab that applies boatbuilding principles directly to an extreme Arctic home. The prefab idea spent nearly three years in development and was completed last summer. The result is a highly-insulated, prefabricated modular home that can be assembled on-site. The extreme setting requires off-grid living and this Arctic prototype is equipped with solar, wind and marine driven systems.

8Maison evolutiV

With 70 square meters, this house, called Maison evolutiV, is made of two prefabricated modules perched one on top of the other. The designers pivoted the top unit to create a variety of interesting integrated outdoor spaces with indoor spaces. It's also eco-friendly, consuming only 48 kWh/square meter per year. Solar thermal on the roof provides hot water and the wool wood insulation helps to keep the house temperature regulated. Rainwater harvesting provides water for toilets and landscaping.

9625 Square Foot Prefab

This prefab kit home in Tucson, Arizona, was designed by architect Rocio Romero and took about 12 weeks to be completed. It belongs to Aaron Jones. The basic kit cost Aaron $22,050 and included the basic exterior shell of the home.

10Prefab Weekend House

Jens Risom's Prefab Weekend House.