13 Creative Condom Ad Campaigns

XL and XXL condom users seem to have a lot of problems and Durex knows it. The company showed these problems in their creative ads and instantly gained a huge popularity. While those with XL just have to wear longer kilts in Scotland, the girlfriends of those with XXL have a much harder time adjusting to the size.

This interesting series of ads from PlaySafe Condoms uses the copy: Fits Any Head. Agency: Leo Burnett, Singapore

No ribs, no juice! An advertising campaing for Ribbed Condoms.

According to Chinese condom brand makers Elasun, archery, swimming, cycling, basketball and rings have been voted safest of all Olympic disciplines of Beijing. And what do we need from condoms? Yes, safety. Hmm.. safe condoms and safe sport disciplines, how are these related? Eureka!

Despite the fact that the English slogan “Sports make you healthy” seems somewhat broken, this is a very clever set of ads which went viral on the Chinese internet during Beijing Olympic Games.

This Durex campaing is suggestive about the amount of money that one can save if one does not have kids.

Argentinian Guillermo Vega created this campaign for Tulipan condoms, with a couple of skeletons having sex.

Another award winning ad from Clio 2008, Durex Performa Condoms won a bronze award for Innovative Media: Durex Performa Condoms - Last Longer - Redhead. This condom ad is very creative. Not sure if a condom is even needed after looking at this.

At Durex they must have a very creative advertising team! This is another clever condom ad.

Fun now, kids later. Silver in Press category at Cannes Lions 2007. Agency: Young & Rubicam.

Here's a guerilla advertising effort by Johnson & Johnson in Brazil. The cardboard is positioned under the door and sells Jontex, a brand of condoms. The headline reads, "you never know when it 'll be necessary."

If this doesn't catch your attention, I don't know what will. Smart print ad for Hansaplast brand condoms created by TBWA Paris.

A pretty funny video from the campaign “Horny Durex balloons”.

Why use traditional print advertising when you can just walk in the streets with condom-shaped umbrellas and grab attention? Jontex Condoms does this brilliantly.